All eyes on METAL 2018 - a truly global event

From 25 to 27 September Targi Kielce becomes one-stop-shop and a central meeting point for the whole foundry business sector!

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This will be a grand and a splendid event - the 21st International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL held in Targi Kielce joins forces with the 2018's 73rd World Foundry Congress in Krakow. The Polish foundry business sector finds the World Foundry Congress truly prestigious. Not only does the "Targi Kielce Industrial Autumn" gather highly-appreciated companies, but also professionals and business-insiders from all corners of the world.

Save the date for 25-27 September 2018 in the company's calendar. The events offer an excellent opportunity to promote your business and establish new international contacts. 

The METAL expo is held in the every-other-year cycle as a part of the exhibitions cluster: ALUMINIUM & NONFERMET, RECYCLING and CONTROL-TECH exhibitions which have advanced to become Central and Eastern Europe's most important foundry and casting business-sector event. 2018 will see the HEAT TREATMENT – a new addition on the expo calendar which has been crafted for companies which deal with metals heat treatment. 

In 2018, the METAL expo is an integral part of the international industry-dedicated event - the World Foundry Congress in Krakow; the business sector's most important event. It has been 25 years since the Poland had the privilege of hosting the WFC. The world-famous and renowned specialists will meet in Poland again. On 26 September they will make a tour over the METAL expo at the Congress' off-site session. 

"This expo is a benchmark and reference point for Central Europe", said Maurizio Sala, President of the Italian Foundry Suppliers' Association AMAFOND who has been witnessed the METAL expo development ever since its first edition. 

The previous Targi Kielce's METAL prove to be a record-breaking event. The expo was the showcase for 271 companies from 27 countries (25 percent increase compared to previous expo), there was also the 35 percent increase in the number of specialists visiting the expo. The exhibition space increased by 50 percent and therefore the International Fair of Technologies for Foundry METAL used the  total of over 9,000 square meters as a showcase. Pressure die casting and components suppliers for the foundries generated the greatest interest.

The expo, in addition to Polish companies is also the showcase for international firms and organisations from, inter alia: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Spain, the Netherlands, India, Canada, Korea, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Slovenia, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom Italy. Foreign companies account for almost 40 percent of exhibitors at Kielce foundry expo, German brands come at the top of the ranking list, and among them RÖSLER, ALD Vacuum Technologies, SANDVIK, MAMMUT-WETRO, SCHMELZMETALL, KURTZ, Maass-Bau, THERMOBIEHL APPARATEBAU, InterGuss Giesereiprodukte, MK AL-Schmelze Messtechnik, TRIBO-CHEMIE, Molten Metal Products, EIRICH, ABP INDUCTION SYSTEMS, JÖST, ERVIN GERMANY, SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH, ZPF Gmbh, GEIGER + Co., MORGAN, WOLLIN, FIMRO and many other.  Italian brands are also a large group of foreign companies, the ranking runner-up: AGRATI, IDRA, NUOVA PROTECME, GMS, HI-TECH engineering SRL, ITALPRESSE INDUSTRIE, TREBI DI BIANCHI NADIA, COPROMEC, FOUNDRY ECOCER.

Kielce is the place to see and meet the key manufacturers of machines, including the pressure-casting market leaders such as METALS MINERALS. There is also a comprehensive offer showcased by suppliers of components and raw for foundry business - ASK CHEMICALS, BARABASZ, GUSS-EX, FERRO-TERM, KDO, NORGPOL, JAK, STANCHEM, FERRUS.METAL includes also a display of companies which offer auxiliary equipment and materials for foundry, e.g.PETROFER, MotulTech – BARALDI.

Over the years METAL expo has become a knowledge pool. The events bring together leading experts and business-insiders. For many years METAL has been accompanied with the "Solidification and Crystallization of Metals" conference as well as a series of "Meetings of Foundries' Presidents and Directors". The METAL abounds with problem-focussed sessions, including seminars and technical trainings which features foundry industry novelties and pressure die casting latest developments.

We look forward to seeing you in Targi Kielce; join the "Industrial Autumn" - 25-27 September 2018. 



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