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Altair to present preview of the revolutionary new geometry ‘avatar’ of Click2Cast® at EUROGUSS 2018

Click2Cast revolutionizes the casting process by adding powerful geometry tools specifically for easily creating runners, risers, sleeves, chillers and cooling lines within a single environment, benefiting the entire supply chain in producing high quality casting, quickly & economically.

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Altair Engineering, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALTR) and solidThinking are excited to showcase a preview of Click2Cast 2018 for the first time at EUROGUSS, taking place from January 16-18, 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. Powerful geometry creation and editing capabilities have been added for users to be able to design and optimize the entire casting process within a single environment. For the first time, component designers and downstream analysts will be able to communicate within a single user environment, including a broad range of tools that will help make changes to the component, evaluate areas of porosity, create remedial risers or sleeves, or cooling lines, re-evaluate and optimize the process for producing a high-quality part. 

“Click2Cast has seen great adoption across the globe for being fast, easy, accurate and affordable, and as such, a fine balance between usability and function had to be attained in the development of the new release," says Ravi Kunju, Vice President of Manufacturing Solutions at Altair. "We are excited that we have not compromised on any front despite adding powerful capabilities. Our philosophy of bringing high-end simulation tools to the early stage of the design process with our solidThinking Inspire® framework has had tremendous impact in the design community. Now we are doing exactly the same with casting simulation, by packaging it in the same framework as Inspire. Our development team has worked extremely hard and done a phenomenal job with both, our solvers and the tool's interface and we are confident that users will love the experience even more now. We cannot wait to show it at EUROGUSS in January.”

While the official release is planned for March 2018, visitors at the booth can sign up for a free trial and experience the powerful capabilities first hand. The new version contains the following key enhancements: 

Completely new user environment based on the Inspire framework with powerful geometry creation and editing capabilities.

  • Ability to create runners, risers, chillers, over-flows, sleeves and modify them on the fly.
  • Automatic generation of core geometries (ready for 3D print export).
  • Single click solidification simulation.
  • Enhanced visualization capabilities including temperature evolution on flowfronts.
  • Dynamic and multiple sectional cuts.
  • Ability to read multiple file formats.

“I have not seen anything else like it or even close to it, and I just cannot wait to get this to my customers," said Howard Weinberg, Founder Partner, Spot Technologies. "This next generation Click2Cast is a definite game changer. With its powerful capabilities combined with its affordability, the return on investment is unparalleled. Even for the occasional users, the ease of use of Click2Cast helps catapult the exploration towards advanced simulation giving more people access to the technology they never had before, helping the entire supply chain in the process.”

“Click2Cast is continuously enhancing its functionality to serve more and more complex user cases while keeping the user interface industry specific, consistent and easy to use. When adding new capabilities or releasing a new version, this can be a real challenge," said Òscar Íñigo, Die Casting Consultant, InytialGo. "Looking at the example of gating and cooling line modeling, which are new functions in this version, solidThinking has proven that it can live up to its commitment. Both additions are simply amazing! Click2Cast 2018 is really going to catch on with die developers and casting engineers.”

In addition to the trade show itself, bdguss and VDD, the two major German casting associations will also host the "Druckguss Tag" during EUROGUSS. Felix Radisch, solidThinking will be presenting: "Simulation Driven Development for Casting Design – aided by Topology Optimization" on January 17th at 3pm.

For more on Click2Cast 2018 as well as other related solidThinking solutions, visit solidThinking in Nuremberg at EUROGUSS in hall 6 at booth 149 or visit our product website at: <link http: click2cast_land.html>

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