Amafond- Savelli, The New President

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Francesco Savelli, commercial director of the Savelli SpA of Brescia, is the new president of Amafond, the national association which brings together suppliers of machines, products and services for the foundry. He was elected unanimously - after being nominated by the outgoing Board - The meeting took place at the village of San Vitale Borgonato Corte Franca, which consisted of the renewal of other officers.

SAVELLI, 40 years (the youngest president in the history of the organization, will serve for the next four years) with a goal of moving the sign of continuity and renewal in a phase not easy for 'Italian industry". He stressed in his speech at inauguration, remembering the story and "pioneering spirit of its predecessors." At the same time he outlined the strategies for "several ambitious goals, which he hopes to reach together". Among the results to be realized in the medium to long term, the leaders stressed the need to define "a new relationship with Assofond as truly equal, and no longer play the part of mere suppliers."

The Assembly has renewed the Governing Council in which they are joined by Brescia also Riccardo Ferrario (Idra Ltd.), Danilo Verzeletti (Evolut), Roger Pederzoli (Mechanical Pi.erre), Maurizio Sala (Mec-Ecocer Foundry, is also vice president for Products Division). Honorary President of the Association was appointed Gabriele Galante (IMF Luino), in office for five years.

The Director is Fabrizio Carmagnini.


SAVELLI Francesco - Marketing & Sales Director - Savelli Spa

Vice President (Machinery and Equipment Group)

TIEGHI Francesco - CEO - Fomet Srl

Adviser (Corporate Products and Service)

CASTEGNARO Alberto - President - Satef H. Albertus Spa

MAZZON Amedeo - Marketing & Sales Director - F.lli Mazzon Spa

PARONA Piero - Marketing & Sales Director  - Enginsoft Spa

PEDERIVA Enzo - Foundry Division Manager - Vesuvius Spa

VEZZULLI Angelo - General Director - EKW Italia Srl

Advisor (Machinery and Equipment Group)

BOARINO Enzo - General Director - Pangborn Europe Srl

COLOMBO Giorgio - Legal Representative - Agrati A.E.E.

COSSALTER Claudio - Area Manager - Maus Spa

SERRA Renato - Board Member - Fritz Hansberg Spa

VIGORELLI Rocco - Administration Manager - Sogemi Engineering Srl

ZANONE Paolo - Area Manager - Buhler Italia Spa


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