Be visible on Polish foundry market

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With its 455 foundries, Poland was the 16th producer of castings in the world and the 8th in Europe in 2017. Casting production accounted for 1 036 500 tons. Polish foundries, about 40% of which are SMEs, produce castings mainly for automotive industry, construction industry and machine industry, making it the 5th aluminium castings producer in Europe.

Foundry industry in Poland is export-oriented, with export of castings reaching 59% of total production in 2017. The Polish foundry industry benefits from a good economic situation and follows a gradual improvement in infrastructure (roads, energy) which also facilitates the development of enterprises. As of July 2018, the entire country has been designated as a special economic zone, attracting many new investors.

This constantly developing market is good grounds for investment and start of cooperation with polish companies. The Polish Foundrymen’s Association offers help and guidance in acquiring new contacts on the Polish market, and invites you to advertise on polish websites (<link https: typo3 external-link-new-window internal link in current>, during conferences, and on the pages of polish technical journals – like Foundry Review (Przegląd Odlewnictwa), which is distributed among foundries, companies, and scientific institutions working in the field of casting.

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