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In the days 29 and 30 October 2014 IMF Group held a seminar in Moscow for explaining the most modern foundry equipment and technologies developed for the production of high quality castings.

More than 100 people from more than 40 Companies attended the meeting and among them also some very important Russian Engineering Companies were present.

The Seminar took place in two days: the first day was a general view of the equipment for the traditional foundry, spacing from the production of large moulds to the possibility of totally reclaim the foundry sands both mechanically and thermally, included the sand coming from the core production, to the presentation of the products of IMF Division Carlo Banfi producing shot-blasting, shot-peening machines for the foundry and for other industrial sectors.

The second day was mostly dedicated to the specialists of the foundries producing aluminium and magnesium castings. Several references of IMF Group concerning aluminium and magnesium castings producers were present. The speeches were focused on the following main topics: the magnesium alloy evolution; IMF and Foundry Automation inorganic binders for non-ferrous castings, the application of Carlo Banfi Shot-blasting machines for Aluminium and magnesium castings, etc.

During the seminar some important Companies had also the opportunity to explain their products applied to the foundry, like Sir Spa producing robotized fettling systems for aluminium and magnesium castings, LPM Spa producing low pressure pouring systems, Modelleria Brambilla Srl producing patterns and core boxes and Magaldi Superbelt producing damage tolerant steel belt conveyors for severe work conditions.

A really positive feedback from the participants has confirmed the importance of the event and IMF Group is willing to repeat in the near future this positive experience, with the aim to transfer the most recent know-how and keep up the knowledge of its Customers about the most innovative technologies.