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Bühler SmartVac: Vacuum system with higher process transparency

Die casting supported by vacuum processes improves the quality of castings.

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The integrated Bühler SmartVac system exceeds the limits of previous applications and is successfully in operation with the Carat series. That’s why Bühler increased the availability of the SmartVac system - also for the Evolution and Ecoline S series.

SmartVac is completely integrated into the die casting cell and all functions and parameters can be set through the cell control system. The parameters are measured, monitored and directly assigned to the casting process – for comprehensive process transparency.

The Bühler SmartVac system ensures higher productivity, flexibility and seamless traceability.

Area of application:
Available for all Bühler die casting systems

Main benefits:
Enhanced performance, reliability and flexibility
Consistent high quality with minimum wastage
Minimized gas porosity
High strength and elongation
Straightforward maintenance 


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