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CAN - Ontario aluminum recycler acquired

Canada’s Rochester Aluminum Smelting acquires Greenway Industries facility in Ontario.

Rochester Aluminum Smelting Canada Ltd., has acquired aluminum scrap rotary furnace operator Greenway Industries Corp., Concord., Ontario, Canada. Rochester Aluminum, also based in Concord, produces aluminum casting alloys, primary and secondary aluminum shot, granules, cones, pyramids and five-pound notchbar for steel mills, chemical companies, foundries and other customers.

Greenway, an aluminum scrap processing facility, is equipped with two tilting rotary furnaces. Rochester says it is planning to add a third furnace to Greenway’s operations, with that furnace scheduled to go on line in the second quarter of 2014.

Following the acquisition, Greenway will continue to offer tolling services to aluminum plants, extruders, metal brokers and scrap metal dealers to convert a range of aluminum scrap—including aluminum drosses, skimmings, spills, turnings, thermal break, painted extrusions, UBCs and irony scrap—into sows.

By adding a third furnace, Rochester says it will be able to provide tolling operations to the market as well as meet its own production needs for molten metals and sows. One rotary furnace will be dedicated to supplying Rochester’s deox operation with molten metal and sows, adding about 3 million pounds per month of finished product to Rochester’s casting capabilities.

source: recyclingtoday.com

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