Cast Metals Federation (CMF) Webinar on Casting, Foundry and Patternmaking Apprenticeship is now ‘Live’.

Funding Incentives, the use of apprenticeships to upskill employees and the apprentice programme for the level 3 foundry technician standard were all topics that were included in the Apprenticeship Webinar organised by CMF.

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If you missed the event, the recording is now available on YouTube here:
The event was aimed particularly at those new to apprenticeships but there was relevant information for anyone in the industry who is taking on apprentices.  Attendees were able to meet the key people who can help businesses get started with an apprentice programme as well as some information about the apprentice’s experience through the training programme from Foundry Training Services Ltd.
Iain Cole, Dudley College, spoke about the benefits to a company of an apprentice programme and all the help that is available to employers, and included information about who are apprenticeships for (ie not just for school leavers but can also be used to upskill existing employees), the funding incentives for employers and how to get started.
Attendees particularly enjoyed the virtual walk-through of the National Foundry Training Centre led by Colin Whorton, Elite Centre for Manufacturing Skills, ECMS.
CMF CEO Pam Murrell said, “It is vital that we grow our own talent to address the succession planning for the future of the industry.  We are increasingly seeing companies looking to recruit but there are less skilled people available, due to retirements and the fact that it is now harder to bring people in from overseas.  We now have a funded apprentice programme available and the facilities of the National Foundry Training Centre, so the practical, skills-based training that the industry has been calling for is now in place.”
There are a few other videos on the YouTube channel, including the one that was made about the NFTC and FTSL back in 2019, which was featured in the webinar, and the original Casting the Future one so please feel free to use and share as you wish.  The link is here:



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