CN - BMW Brilliance brings global tech to new plant

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Joint venture trains staff for Shenyang engine production facility in Munich, Germany

BMW's joint venture has brought world-leading technologies to its new engine plant in Shenyang, and is set to start producing its next generation lightweight engine this year to meet Chinese market demands.

The BMW Brilliance Automotives engine plant in Shenyang, Liaoning province, serves as the BMW Group's first competence center outside of Europe, and realizes the complete engine production process from foundry to final engine assembly in one location, according to the company's news release.

Oliver Zipse, a member of the management board of the BMW Group, said: "The new engine plant production will be adjusted to demand. For example, when the market needs 400,000 units of locally made BMWs, the plant will make the same amount of engines to match."

The Shenyang plant is currently in trial production and its production of the latest 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder B series engines will increase next year, to replace the current N series engines step by step in the coming new models.

Staff members at Shenyang have been participating in training programs including practical training at BMW's Munich engine plant. A slew of Shenyang staff members have been working on engine production in the Munich plant to prepare well for their future responsibilities at the Shenyang plant.

Zipse said: "The training programs are carried out to secure consistency in BMW quality. The Chinese workers observe and learn how people work here in Germany. When they go back to China, they will put what they learn into practice and train more of their fellows to carry on the same standard.

"We insist on the BMW quality standard, and we don't compromise on production quality."

The Chinese staff members are working on the world-class engine assembling lines every day and contribute to the production of each engine. Each individual has an area of responsibility, and the roles are rotated so each becomes familiar with the entire section.

Many BMW Brilliance Chinese trainers in Shenyang were also trained in the German plants, as the production teams are recognized as an indispensable part of BMW Group's global production network, which consists of engine plants and production and planning facilities in Germany, the UK, Austria and China.

The new engine plant in Shenyang also shares locally gained know-how with other locations as needed as part of BMW's unique collaboration.

The BMW engine production network started introducing the latest generation of three, four and six-cylinder high-tech petrol and diesel engines in 2013.