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CN - Third Baosteel patent innovation award get announced

The third Baosteel 'Patent Invention Award' is announced. There are 8 patents awarded 'Invention Award' among them, 'A rolling process and special equipment for seamless tube invented by Yantai Lubao of Steel pipe business unit is awarded the top price. There are 9 pieces of patents awarded 'Practical New Award'.

For commending inventor contribution to production and operation of Baosteel, further encourage positivity of employee to carry out technology innovation, build up good creative environment, continuous upgrade the capacity of innovation, Baosteel on 4th of April, the intellectual property day, adhere the principle of 'Good innovation construction, Good application effect, Good promotion effect', carry out the 3rd 'Patent Innovation Award' evaluation. This year and there are 'Invention Award' and 'Application New Award' set under the 'Patent Innovation Award.

This Evaluation is warmly welcomed and actively responded by different company of Baosteel. Totally received 28 patents from 15 different company, among them, 12 patents declared 'Invention Award', 16 patents declared 'Application New Award'. After judgment by specialist and review by specialist meeting and final evaluation. There are one patent awarded the top price, two awarded the second price and five awarded the third price. Nine patents awarded 'Practical New Award'.

The project awarded the top price is 'A rolling process and special equipment for seamless pipe'. According to issues such as inner screw, straight channel scape and others of ACCU-ROLL machine, they invented a brandy new rolling process for seamless pipe and rolling expansion machine and leveler. Achieve optimize integration of ACCU-ROLL and rotating rolling expansion pipe.

After application of that patent, the production amount increased 63%, accumulate achieve profit of 660 million, generate 12 patents. 'Solid solution strengthening of same level steel and its product method' awarded the second price of 'Invention Prize', which rational control the process such as hot rolling, cold rolling and annealing, product varieties same level steel, shape unique production of BaoSteel, and its character is better than other same level steel imported. Accumulative achieve 550 thousand profits.

A high-tensile steel plate for static enamel and its product method' awarded the second prize of 'Invent Award' through researching forming property and strengthening mechanism of enamel steel, develop varieties of tensile hot rolling high-tensile enamel steel. And it adopts technology of PH nitrogen blowing so as to save the production cost accumulative achieve added profit of CNY 9.5 million.

Source - BaoSteel

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