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Condat - Innovative lubricants for the industry

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Since its foundation in 1854, CONDAT has specialised in defining, producing and commercialising special chemical products and has been acknowledged as the specialist in lubricants.

Using its depth of technical knowledge, CONDAT develops high performance lubricants with added value, adapted to every industrial application:

  • Metal working (cutting, deep forming, screw cutting...),
  • Die casting,
  • Metal quenching.
  • Cold forming (wire drawing, cold heading...),

CONDAT also offers a wide range of lubricants for maintenance applications use in all industrial equipment: transport, construction, mineral, automobile, wood, agriculture, food,... industries.


Forerunner in the development of biodegradable lubricants, CONDAT recommends to its customers the best lubricating solution, in terms of performance, economical and environmental constraints. CONDAT privileges above all the spirit of partnership with its customers, and accompanies them strictly in the implementation of their fluids.

On HANNOVER MESSE, CONDAT will display innovative lubricants for:

Metal working operations


MECAGREEN products are new generation soluble oils for metal working operations. Unlike mineral oil based products, the new MECAGREEN oils are made of a mixture of esterified basic oils that are of 100 % vegetable origin.

They allow to reduce consumption by at least 30 % and to increase the life cycle of tools by at least 20 %.

Excluding all harmful compounds (chlorinates, nitrites, heavy metals and silicones...), these new soluble oils are user-friendly for the operators because they are none irritating.

Die casting operations


Water based release agent for HIGH PRESSURE DIE CASTING

CONDAFOND 354 is specifically designed for extreme die casting conditions on aluminium alloys and is a very technical release agent for automotive industry. CONDAFOND 354 is ideal for die casting operations on difficult aluminium alloys parts that can not be used at low concentration <1.2%.It is characterized by a high adhesion capacity for hot spot on the die surface, until ~450°C.






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