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Crushing and Cleaning Sprue Increases Melt Efficiency

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Foundries worldwide are turning to DIDION to crush their gates, runners, and sprue as well as clean off the embedded sand before charging into their induction furnaces.  The DIDION® Rotary Sprue Crusher / Cleaner crushes gangly sprue for easier handling and provides a dense charge for melting excellent melt stock.  This rotary drum system has been customized for aggressive action to condense the gates and runners.  Sand lumps are reduced to keep it out of the furnaces. The DIDION® replaces the expensive, high-maintenance jaw crushing systems that don’t separate the sand, rust, and debris.  The equipment can reduce 5 tote boxes of gangly ductile iron sprue down to 2 ½ creating a 50% reduction and up to a 75% reduction in gray iron.

In addition to crushing, the machinery provides sand separation/metal cleaning eliminating the need for shot blasting melt returns thereby reducing shot blast maintenance and shot consumption.  Foundries utilize this cleaning action as the pig iron, scrap, and returns are all processed in the DIDION® to ensure sand, rust, and dirt are removed for a clean charge.  The cleaner melt stock leads to significant energy savings from increased melting efficiency.  As a result, the foundry has less slag, slag handling, and slag disposal costs. 

The patented equipment has the lowest operating and maintenance cost worldwide.

Additional benefits include:

• Machined base with precision laser alignment for long life.
• Reduced silica dust emissions due to containment in the drum for a cleaner & safer workplace
• Fully automatic feed of pig iron, scrap, and returns.
• Patented, wear resistant lining for long life and ease of replacement.


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