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Dantherm - The global leader in industrial air filtration

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Beschreibung: Tornadohaube.jpgNederman is one of the world's leading companies supplying complete solutions, products and services into the environmental technology sector. Focusing on industrial air filtration and recycling, the company's products and solutions are contributing to safer workspaces, higher production efficiency and lower environmental impacts from industrial manufacturing processes. In 2010 Nederman doubled its business and established itself as the global market leader in industrial air filtration. This was achieved through the acquisition of Dantherm Filtration. Together, Nederman and Dantherm Filtration form the world´s largest Group in industrial air filtration. Dantherm Filtration's solutions for the Foundry industry become a new business area within the Nederman group. The products and systems ensure a good working environment and contribute to good production economy within the international foundry industry.

Sales and marketing in the Nederman Group are done through subsidiaries in 29 countries, and by agents and distributors in some 30 countries. The Group has units for production and assembly in Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Canada, USA, Thailand and China.

Nederman creates a good working environment while reducing environmental impact

Beschreibung: french-hills.jpgWe feel much better if we can breathe clean air. Work performance also increases when we have clean fresh air. In many advanced manufacturing facilities a clean environment is also vital for both quality and efficiency. The Group's products and systems help create a clean and safe working environment utilising mobile and centralised high and low vacuum cleaning systems. Our solutions reduce the impact on the environment from all foundry processes such as shot blasting, fettling, sand plants, furnaces etc. Our recycling solutions contribute to improved production economics and reduced environmental impact


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