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Demisaş a Pioneer in Turkey

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In recent years, the practice of carbon emission and weight reduction, as well as the use of new materials, has gained great momentum in the automotive industry. Spherical and vermicular graphite material came to the forefront to replace gray cast iron. The application of these practices, in combination with our production experience since the early 2000’s, has made us a highly sought company for these markets. With increasing orders, our share of the high quality cast iron production in the market increased from 25% to 50%.

With this situation in mind, we began to acquire capable and high-tech equipment for our new investment, looking for innovative machines with the capability to easily produce new part designs. We have completed a line investment project which includes a vertical moulding machine that has a higher blowing and compacting capability to produce rigid molds, twin synchronized pouring system and pouring furnace which are suitable for high speed production, a shake-out and cooling conveyor, and a continuous shot sandblasting machine.

To summarize the advantages of the system:


The new Vertical Moulding Machine does not consume energy when in standby mode. It reduces the risk of contamination of the product, building and environment.

In terms of electrical system, reduced maintenance

The new system is quiet, has low vibration and corrosion levels as it works with electricity. There is no requirement for special oil storage. Oil replacement, filtration, stocks, or disposal costs are not required. It does not require cooling system equipment or a pump for the hydraulic oil. The electrical machines are more precise as there is no inertia due to the hydraulic fluids. Less time is required for the planned maintenance. It reduces the risk of breakdowns, makes it easier to maintain the machine, and can be repaired at lower cost as the hardware and software are interconnected, integrating a self-diagnostic.

With the TWIN POUR System

With induction furnaces, it is necessary to keep material warm over holidays, however, with the use of the Twin Pour system, energy loss over weekends is minimized. Due to the coil system’s modularity, individual equipment can be deactivated in the case of a breakdown, thus resulting in minimizing the loss of production. During the same cycle time, two moulds can be poured instead of one. In current automatic casting furnaces, heat is created by inductors. In the Twin Pour system, the problem of slag clogging in the inductor channels is minimized.

Regarding with energy efficiency

The system’s electrical supply costs are low as are its power requirements. Overhead costs are thus reduced due to lower power consumption. Annual water consumption is low and it has a better product life cycle (less KgCO2). The system is able to start up and reach production speed quickly because there is no waiting time for oil temperature to stabilize or reach operating temperature. Energy costs are low and the new molding line is suitable for environment regulations.

The complete revision of a production line with high production rates requires a lot of hard work and devotion. High order volume only allowed us to shut the system down for 3 weeks. In the past, such a short time would not have been enough for a complete system replacement, but thanks to teamwork and solidarity, the existing line was stopped, and within 3 weeks, the assembly of the complex line was finished and we were ready for commissioning work. We have tasted the glory of the success that we promised ourselves.

Demisaş became a pioneer in Turkey through the use of this system, one which is also a new technology in Europe. During commissioning, we benefited from our TPM team’s hard work, and all the problems encountered were solved thanks to the Kaizen culture in our company.



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