Development and Diversity of High-End Die Casting Manufacturing Technology - China Diecasting 2019

Lightweight trend and new energy vehicles are listed as key areas in the "Made in China 2025" strategy, driving the market of diecast structural parts to grow continually.

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  • Lightweight trend and new energy vehicles are listed as key areas in the "Made in China 2025" strategy, which drives the market of die casting structural parts to grow strongly and continuously.
  • With the expo theme "Development and Diversity of High-end Die Casting Manufacturing Technology", over 80% of the space of CHINA DIECASTING 2019 has been booked!
  • More than 10 valuable onsite events around the expo theme create more value for all participants.

"New energy vehicles", "New materials" and “lightweight technics” are listed as the 10 key areas of "Made in China 2025" strategy. By 2020, the annual sales of self-owned brand pure electric and plug-in new energy vehicles should break through 1 million, more than 70% in the domestic market; by 2025, the annual sales of new energy vehicles in line with the international advanced level will reach 3 million, accounting for more than 80 percent of the domestic market. In terms of energy-saving vehicles, the overall fuel consumption of vehicles (including new energy vehicles) will be reduced to 5L/100km by 2020. By 2025, it will be down to about 4L/100km. 

New energy vehicles have more stringent requirements on body weight than traditional vehicles, so they use more lightweight aluminum alloy die casting parts. For example, 95% of the structure of TESLA Model S series cars is made of aluminum alloy. The continuous growth of new energy vehicles will strongly promote the development of aluminum alloy die casting industry.

The market of die casting structural parts will continue to grow quickly in the coming years. Global demand for automotive die casting is expected to increase from $7.5 billion in 2015 to nearly $12 billion in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of more than 7.8 percent between 2016 and 2021.

With the expo theme "Development and Diversity of High-end Die Casting Manufacturing Technology", over 80% of the space of CHINA DIECASTING 2019 has been booked! 

CHINA DIECASTING 2019 will be held from July 17th to 19th, 2019 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). The exhibition area will be expanded to 36,900 sqm, the exhibition is expected to attract around 500 exhibitors and 20,000 trade visitors.

In line with the market trend of the growth of die casting structural parts, CHINA DIECASTING 2019 creates the high-end die casting theme, which attracts more exhibitors and onsite events that involved in structural parts and all manufacturing processes. Till now, more than 300 exhibitors from the whole die casting value chain have booked their stands, and over 80% of the hall N1-N3 of Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) has been sold out! Exhibitors from 14 countries and regions have confirmed their participation. They will lead the top products and technologies to CHINA DIECASTING 2019, and look forward to connecting with the Chinese die casting market to create an exciting spark! 

More than 10 onsite events around the expo theme create more value for all participants

  • "High-end Die Casting Manufacturing Technology" Theme Events
  • Display of the Whole Production Process
  • Display area for equipment, material and service suppliers to show the entire production process of die casting structural parts.
  • Display of High-end Die Casting Structural Parts
  • Domestic and foreign high-end die casting manufacturers are invited to present high quality parts.
  • White Paper on High-end Die Casting Manufacturing Technology

All die casting enterprises are welcomed to submit articles referring to industry trends, technological process, cutting-edge technologies as well as directory of suppliers and manufacturers, which will be compiled into the "White Paper High-end Die Casting Manufacturing Technology ".

Journey of Manufacturing Structural Parts
Exhibitor joins the exclusive theme route, which covers the whole production process and latest technologies that attract the greatest attention of buyers and trade visitors. Exhibitor shall design theme booth and present technical speeches or product demonstrations at their own booth.

"2019 Die Casting Innovative Technology Competition" - Presents the top honor "Die Casting Innovation Award of The Year "

Jointly lunched by FICMES and the well-known industry media Die Casting Weekly, the event encourages die casting enterprises to make technological innovation and master core technologies, so as to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and promote technological progress of the industry.

The event targets at the upstream and downstream enterprises of the die casting industry chain. And the competition objects include innovative products, technologies, materials, processes, applications, and etc. 

Auto-Tech Day
"Auto-Tech Day", a combination of technical forum and onsite display, discusses the important role of high pressure castings and new materials in the latest topics of automotive industry. In 2018, major automotive and parts suppliers, including GM, Dongfeng Motor, BYD, GF and DGS, were invited to give technical speeches to introduce the development and practice of lightweight technology and share cases. And the practical application and the possibility of future development of various materials and processes were discussed in the form of round table.

In 2019, the organizer teamed up with NürnbergMesse Group to build the EUROGUSS Pavilion for the first time. Outstanding booth construction, active communication atmosphere and comprehensive VIP services are attracting the first-class international enterprises to rush into the exhibition group. “Session for EUROGUSS Pavilion” provides a high quality communication opportunity between international die casting exhibitors and concentrated trade visitors.

Sino-Foreign Die Casting Development Forum
The concurrent event “Sino-Foreign Die Casting Development Forum” of 2019 CHINA DIECASTING will invite the leading experts, user representatives and scholars in die casting industry from China and overseas. The forum will focus on the latest technologies, products and industrial codes. The invited guests will predict future development trend and share the most cutting-edge innovation on the basis of the present industry status and academic dynamics. 

The forum is an international platform for high-end technologies, idea exchanging and network between world’s leading die casting enterprises. A world wide range of topics in die casting fields will be collected to present onsite.

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