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Diecasting-Dialoque – January 2024: Between giga- and megacastings and the call for St. Barbara

Light metal casting in transformation

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When St. Barbara is commemorated at the beginning of December in predominantly Christian Europe, this also concerns our foundry world, as Barbara is still considered the patron saint of foundries. According to legend, she is honored because of her special fortitude and steadfastness, which brings us directly to the present.

Light metal casting today is focused on the transformation of mobility, the demands of climate change and a significantly changed global economy and is looking for answers and resilience.

EUROGUSS 2024 in Nuremberg comes at just the right time, because the event offers the stage that our industry needs right now. The aim is to show how innovative and relevant companies in the die casting sector and their suppliers are and how science and engineering are constantly evolving. The extraordinary relevance of almost all cast parts for our daily lives and especially for the challenges of transformation and digitalization requires a strong and competitive European die casting industry. The keywords here are resilience and innovation, but also social and political support. Let us protect the good structures, expertise and efficiency of European companies with the virtues of St. Barbara and embrace the competition for innovation.

The development of giga- or megacastings with die-casting cells, which already offer over 12,000 tons of clamping force, was presented at EUROGUSS a few years ago and ridiculed by many. The significant development in this area, as well as in other processes involving light metals, should wake us up, even if we have different opinions on the subject, because technological openness is the order of the day, and not just for engines. I wish our readers a successful EUROGUSS 2024, let's get to work with enthusiasm, courage and determination.

Glückauf yours

Thomas Fritsch | Editor-in-Chief

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