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DISA - Belgian stove manufacturer Dovre invests 3 million Euros in new moulding lines from DISA


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Although some Belgian ironworks were forced to throw in the towel during 2014, stove manufacturer Dovre has presented not only strong growth rates, but also a strong willingness to innovate and build on its accumulated knowledge. The last company initiative involves an investment of 3 million Euros in top-notch moulding equipment from Danish-based DISA Industries with the overall aim of boosting capacity and efficiency while cutting costs.

Dovre’s partnership with DISA dates all the way back to the 1980ies, when the stove manufacturer bought its first two DISA moulding lines. Much has happened since, but as Dovre’s CCO Marcel Roovers puts it: “You cannot just ignore thirty years of successful cooperation”.

“The secret ingredient to Dovre’s success is our continuous drive to innovate on a strong past, coupled with high quality standards and a vast amount of market and product insights. When adding our strong partnership with DISA and their market position as the main player worldwide, the decision to move forward was obvious: We stay with DISA as our recipe for success when it comes to both renovating and innovating our foundry technology and equipment”, states Marcel Roovers.

More competitive edge and less cost per casting

As an internationally renowned player within the production of stove and fire place castings, Dovre continuously needs to look for performance improvements and cost-cutting in order to stay competitive in both the Belgian and world market.

“There is no doubt that our DISA sand plant and 2 DISA lines, one of which is the DISAMATIC 2070 MK1-A bought during the 1980ies, have served us well. However, we need to reinforce and consolidate our competitive edge by being both faster and more efficient than our competitors as well as increase our production capacity. Therefore, we have decided to replace our 2070 machine with a new DISAMATIC 270-A that will be operational already in August this year. We firmly believe that this particular replacement in moulding lines will give us a performance and quality improvement of no less than 25-30%”, says Herman Van Loon, Dovre COO and Foundry Director.

Speed, perfect surface quality and accuracy

“In addition to allowing us to produce more moulds per hour, the new moulding line will also allow us to change models a lot faster. As we work very intensely on trend-spotting, it is paramount to our business that we are able to produce smaller and more frequent series of new models of stoves in order to stay ahead of competition. The DISAMATCH 270-A moulding line focuses on casting accuracy with a specified mismatch of less than 0.20 mm. As such, we very much look forward to implementing a new moulding line that will ensure not only speed, but also a perfect surface quality and accuracy”, concludes Marcel Roovers, CCO at Dovre.

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