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Discover the history, the impact on our daily lives and the vision of the World Leader in Steel Shot Manufacturing: Winoa.

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Through this commemorative video of the 60th anniversary of the Winoa group, discover how shot blasting shapes our daily lives, how the forge & foundry industry from Allevard region has evolved from "Wheelabrator Allevard" to become today the largest manufacturer of cast steel metallic abrasives in the world, and how the future is shaping up for Winoa.

From service to technologies, through sustainable investments and the growth of offers to support todays’ customer needs, Winoa is now positioning itself as a world leader in surface preparation. 

*Winoa Group, worldwide leader provides the globally well-known - W Abrasives - innovative and eco-friendly product ranges for main shot blasting operations. Recognized for its cast steel shot & grit and Stelux® stainless steel media, WA also offers a unique line of Premium abrasives, a wide range of metallic cut wire and specialty shot. In addition, a unique services & maintenance package - W Care - and complementary technologies, products & equipment – W Tech - are offered to customers for their main applications: cleaning, preparing, shot peening and cutting.

With its solid footprint through 800 people around 22 countries, 9 manufacturing plants, 3 Research centers and 6 test centers, Winoa group became the market reference capable of offering both high-valued solutions and customized services.