DK - Global Castings changes company name to Baettr

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According to Global Castings the company is changing its identity name to Baettr.

In line with our strategy to expand our service and product portfolio beyond casting, the name was no longer authentic. It is also an important signal to our customers, who deserve that we continuously improve our service and our work.

Stefan Brandt, CEO of Baettr, explains this step: "Across the globe, the wind energy industry is changing rapidly.On all markets, we are experiencing an ever-increasing demand for clean, renewable energy. Energy generated by still larger turbines with increased production capacity. Yet meanwhile, as an industry, we are faced with a constant demand for lower turbine production cost. All in the name of making wind energy the most attractive and widely available source of energy. Overcoming this challenge is the all-encompassing drive behind our new brand, Baettr. Because to succeed, we have to be better tomorrow than we are today. “

The name Baettr is based on the English word “Better” in the sense of “get better, improve”. On the one hand, Baettr stands for the self-commitment of all employees to continuously work better for our customers. On the other hand, Baettr stands for the claim to contribute to make the world a better place within the scope of the company’s possibilities as a service provider for the wind industry.

Stefan Brandt continues: “Rather, we as a company want to do our part to improve something through our work in the field of renewable energies. So it's not about one big step, but about many small steps. Here, we can achieve a lot and assume our role as a supplier in the wind industry.”

As part of becoming Baettr, a new dynamic logo and brand identity is introduced. In order to stay with our roots, the brand keeps the color blue. The color yellow stands for optimism, change, innovation and is regarded in many cultures as a positive color.

The claim "Engineering the Foundation for Future Generations" sums up our self-commitment: We do our work not only for the moment but work sustainably for future generations.

The global transition towards clean energy is no longer a choice. And so, our repositioning from Global Castings to Baettr is a statement of our commitment to fulfilling our promise of continuous improvement.

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