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ELPO History

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The company ELPO was founded on 7 March 1995 by the engineer Michael Popowitsch and the master mechanic Walter Elser. The formation was based in Rudersberg, Germany, in the Schlechtbach district.

Within three months, a production hall of some 1200 sq. m. with attached two-storey administration building was created and the headquarters of the company was moved from Schlechtbach to Backnang. With the move, seven competent employees were hired. The development of the modern, highly efficient thermoprocess technical equipment was running. The range of ELPO ovens and driers covers manufacturer for casting products,  via manufacturer for plasterboad until manufacture for cylinder head seals and safety glasses and much more.

The two founders wanted to proceed slowly and cautiously, with the aim of manufacturing chamber dryers and small continuous flow driers. But the request by the customer was much more.  Within two years, the company was well known in different branches of the industry.  Facilities of a order value of more than two million euros per unit had been produced and delivered turnkey around the world.

For example a drying system was manufactured which is capable to a goods train of 390 metres length and an installed power 16.5 Megawatt.  Additional production lines for the manufacture of cylinder head seals with a length of up to 120 metres and many thermal systems of similar dimensions for foundry products were developed and produced.

New fields for ELPO was a thermal process equipment for manufacturing of auto oil and air filter.  Even microwave ovens for the industry is a field were ELPO is working on. Thus ELPO is able to offer the optimum drying technology for every situation today.

One of the company philosophies of ELPO is to invest a great deal of capital in the future. Only by targeted trials matched with a great deal of courage for new ideas we can stay ahead of today’s global competition.


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