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EuroMold - World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development

Dec. 3 – 6, 2008

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EuroMold 2008 – „From <link _top>Design to Prototyping to Series Production“
- 1,700 exhibitors and more than 60,000 trade visitors are expected
- Host Country India
- Key Sector <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling as well as Engineering
- EuroMold also in China, Russia and India

This year’s EuroMold - World Fair for <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling, <link _top>Design and Application Development - will take place Dec. 3-6, 2008, Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. About 1,700 exhibitors from 45 nations and more than 60,000 trade visitors from about 80 nations are expected. The unique fair concept “From <link _top>Design to Prototyping to Series Production” demonstrates the entire <link _top>process chain. EuroMold brings together professionals from <link _top>design, <link _top>moldmaking and tooling, machine tools, as well as <link _top>suppliers and <link _top>manufacturers.

On 80.000 sqm exhibition space EuroMold will show the latest developments in all fields of <link _top>moldmaking and tooling, <link _top>design und application development. The world fair will present numerous special subjects and special exhibitions and will set benchmarks.

Key Sector <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling
Traditionally EuroMold’s key sector is <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling. To meet the growing demand for complete solutions in this industrial sector EuroMold provides small and medium sized companies an excellent platform for finding partners and cooperations.

Wide range of Themes
EuroMold shows state-of-the-art technique for all industrial sectors. For instance innovations within “Virtual Reality” and “<link _top>Rapid Prototyping” already today indicate the future developments of modern <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling.

At EuroMold worldwide leading companies set benchmarks – i.e. DMG and Trumpf in the sector of Machine Tools, and BASF, Bayer and Evonik in the sector of <link _top>Materials.

Alongside <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling most exhibitors are active within Machine Tools, Soft- and Hardware and Prototyping. Numerous exhibitors which take part at EuroMold for the first time are active within Engineering and <link _top>Design.

Origin of Exhibitors
With appr. 60 percent of all exhibitors Germany will be the leading country, although EuroMold`s international importance is growing – especially in the West European countries. Within the category of international exhibitors the relevance of Italy, France, Portugal, and Switzerland has grown strongly. Besides that many new exhibitors from China, Hongkong and Israel have made already commitments for EuroMold 2008.

Host Country India
With the Host Country India EuroMold recognises the signs of Asia`s worldwide growing economical importance. In hall 9.0 Indian companies will present their products and services. TAGMA (Tool and Gauge <link _top>Manufacturers` Association of India) will organise a corporate stand.

The India <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling Synergy Bourse offers a wide range of latest market information and insider knowledge. The “Forum India” will connect Western and Indian companies. Several companies already doing business in Asia for many years will share their knowledge and expertise to help attendees making important decisions related to new business, investment opportunities and challenges. Besides that the Associations of <link _top>Moldmaking and Tooling from China (CDMIA) and India (TAGMA) will serve detailed information about their home markets.

Qualified Forums and Workshops
On the well established <link _top>design+engineering forum in hall 6.1 designer present ideas that may determine casual life in the future. Designer Night will be Dec. 5, starting 18.00 pm.

As in recent years several German and international universities as well as universities of applied sciences will present latest <link _top>research results and developments. For them EuroMold is an excellent possibility to make qualified contacts with the industry.

Special exhibitions Virtual Reality (VR), Engineering, <link _top>Design and <link _top>Materials in halls 6.0 and 6.1 will be augmented by lectures and discussions with top-class experts.

New: Business Center
To back up face-to-face contacts between industry and creative thinkers EuroMold will establish a “Business Center” for the first time. Besides the Forum and VIP-Lounge separated small stands can be rented for undisturbed conversations.

International Conferences
Each year at EuroMold several international conferences take place – amongst others the 10th International <link _top>Rapid Prototyping Conference organised by Wohlers Associates Inc. Each year this conference covers the latest trends within <link _top>Rapid Prototyping and Additive Fabrication. The symposium of the Society of Plastic Engineers will take place at EuroMold, too.

Careers for Engineers
Once again the career platform “careers4engineers” will take place at EuroMold. In hall 6.1 more than 50 companies offer a crosssectoral dialog to students and engineers.

The career platform is a chance for both engineer procreations and experienced professionals to get an allembracing overview over the existing job market. In order to provide much information for all different career possibilities and chances, a supporting programme with a round table of experts, workshops and a career advice will be offered, in cooperation with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Formula Student
At the International Engineering Competition “Formula Student” campus teams from all over the world construct racing cars and meet once a year on the German Formula One circuit Hockenheimring. EuroMold supports “Formula Student” with a <link _top>design and engineering workshop on Dec. 6, in hall 6.1 where designated engineers can learn the specifics of constructing racing cars.

Success of EuroMold
“The past years EuroMold has become an international communication platform, on which high-class exhibitors and qualified visitors, and also exhibitors among each other, discuss challenges and concrete solutions”, states Dr. Eberhard Döring, CEO of DEMAT GmbH, organiser of EuroMold. “EuroMold as an international meeting point for <link _top>moldmaking and tooling and application management creates networks to make qualified contacts both old and new.

International Trade Concept
EuroMold organiser DEMAT GmbH exports the successful trade concept to attractive foreign marketplaces. DEMAT will arrange Asiamold (September 24-26, 2008) in Guangzhou, China, for the second time in cooperation with Messe Frankfurt. Besides that DEMAT organises EuroMold Pavilions at RosMould and DieMould India.