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Exceptional year for Savelli

the Italian worldwide leading supplier of green sand molding lines and sand preparation plants!

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Savelli SpaThis year represents one of the best year in the long history of Savelli S.p.A., a family owned business Company located in Brescia (north of Italy) and worldwide leader in the "Green Sand" Foundry field; The company was established in 1842 from a one-man blacksmith shop. Today its activities include machines, plants and services for the foundry industry producing steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings. Moreover, Savelli continues the historical production of medium to heavy electro-welded structures for machine tools and press industries.


Savelli SpaSeptember 2010 - Savelli was selected to provide a new high-performance mold unit to the John Deere Foundry in Waterloo, Iowa. Savelli will provide the John Deere facility a new automatic flask molding  line (1830x1425x560/560 mm, 120 mph, and ten hours cooling), 610 metric tons/hour sand system and a complete shakeout system. The purchase represents a significant portion of a $100 million foundry modernization program announced by John Deere in June. The sale is the largest in our history and potentially for all foundry equipment suppliers. The new high performance mold unit will perform in a  fully automatic mode with new generation devices and new machine applications. John Deere selected Savelli equipment for its technical solutions, robustness and quality, and especially for the Formimpress® high-pressure double-squeeze mold compaction process. John Deere's selection of Savelli brings together two companies with similar origins. Both companies - Deere in 1837 and Savelli in 1842 - began as one-man blacksmith shop.

November 2010 - In 2007  Altajwagon, the growing Russian Leader in the production of complete rail wagons, ordered to Savelli a huge flask molding line with flasks dimensions 3.000x1.800x500/500mm for the production of steel parts for rail-wagons. Together with the molding line Savelli delivered in 2008 a complete sand preparation plant, the shake-out system and the de-dusting plant. Today, after the great success and fantastic result of that installation, Altajvagon Zavod reconfirmed Savelli as the exclusive partner and supplier for a second new molding line (1400x1100x500/500-250/250mm, 65 mph), its new sand system for 160 tons/h, the complete shakeout and the filtering system.

Savelli SpaDecember 2010 - The Korean Foundry Pusan Cast Iron Co., Ltd. selected Savelli as the best supplier for the most important new foundry's equipment! Pusan Cast Iron Co., Ltd. is an important Korea-based company specialized in the supply of automobile parts. The Company provides crank shafts, normal form (NF) carriers, knuckles, housings, differential cases, differential carriers, forks, brake carriers, rear carriers, brackets, hubs, brake bridges, brake spiders, caliper discs, hub wheels, brake frames, bearing caps, caliper brakes and other automobile parts. Savelli will deliver to PCI a new F1 automatic flask molding line for 240 complete molds/hour (950x750x250/250mm) equipped with Formimpress® mold compaction process and its sand system for 150 tons/hour.

February 2011 - Ghatge Patil Industries, established in 1960 at Kolhapur and global supplier in automobile, oil explorations and distribution, earth moving, marine and agricultural industries ordered to Savelli a new F1 molding line 1200x800x350/350mm (120mph) with its sand system for 150 tons/h and the shake-out system.

During the same period, Nantong Rising Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (Nantong, JiangSu Province, P.R.China) selected also Savelli for the installation of a new F1 molding line (1100x1000x300/300mm, 80mph) for the production of steel castings. The molding machine will be equipped with the best high performance mold compaction process Formimpress® (high pressure double squeezing).

Contemporary Savelli was chosen by Daedong Metals Co., Korea Ltd for the delivery of a new cooling house with cooling boxes. After Metia (Hyundai Group), Sung Woo and Pusan Cast Iron, also Daedong Metals selected Savelli as the right partner for its foundry.

In addition Savelli, during the month of February, was also able to deliver 4 heavy electro-welded huge steel parts of 400 tons each for a 100.000 tons forging machine.

Savelli Spa

March 2011 - Loiselet (Nogent le Roi, France), with the support of the CTIF (the French research and development centre specialized in metal casting), chose Savelli as the main partner for its new foundry. Loiselet ordered a new F1 molding line (1400x1200x300/300mm, 80mph) equipped with Formimpress® mold compaction process and a new complete sand system for 150tons/h.

Savelli SpaMay 2011 - Savelli already delivered the first 250 containers (approx. 380 in total) for John Deere Waterloo Foundry after 7 months from the order confirmation!

June 28/July 2 2011 - Savelli will be at GIFA exhibition in Düsseldorf with important machines. Visit us at Hall 17 - Stand B11!

All these orders and exceptional results testify the consolidated reputation of Savelli as the right partner and the main contractor for the Green Sand Foundries. Savelli speaks with facts!

See you at  GIFA
Hall 17 Stand B11

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