ExOne X1 160PRO Animation 2019

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Binder jet 3D printing for production is finally here with the X1 160PRO, the largest and tenth metal 3D printer from ExOne. 

With a build area of 800 x 500 x 400 mm (31.5 x 19.7 x 15.8  in), the new system offers 160 liters of build volume  — more than 2.5 times the build volume of competing systems for sale today.

What’s more, the open material system prints more than six metals, plus ceramics, and incorporates two decades of knowledge to deliver reliable production of parts with new design freedoms.

The X1 160PRO features ExOne’s exclusive and newly patented Triple ACT system, which delivers industry-leading part density and repeatability. Our Triple Advanced Compaction Technology system tackles one of the biggest challenges in binder jetting: dispensing, spreading and compacting ultra-fine metal powders. Learn more at

Also inside: New Industry 4.0 cloud connectivity and process-linking capabilities enabled by Siemens MindSphere. 


  • Designed for throughput: The largest metal binder jetting system available, the X1 160PRO offers more than 2.5 times the build volume of competing systems available today
  • Unparalleled material flexibility: Capable of 3D printing more than six metal materials, including 316L, 304L and 17-4PH, plus ceramics and composites
  • Best balance of speed and quality: Print speeds topping 10,000 cm3/hour, depending on material. Speed is individually optimized for each metal offered
  • Patented quality feature: ExOne’s Triple ACT delivers industry-leading density and repeatability with advanced handling of ultra-fine powders.
  •  The tenth and largest metal 3D printer from ExOne: The trusted, global leaders in industrial binder jetting systems for sand, metal and ceramics



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