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Experience the ‘Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry’ at EUROGUSS 2020

Visitors are invited to Experience Seamlessness: Italpresse Gauss and StrikoWestofen to Showcase the ‘Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry’ at EUROGUSS 2020 (14-16 January)


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A combination of digital displays, high-end technology and fascinating demonstrations will show how best-of-breed solutions from Italpresse Gauss, StrikoWestofen and Wheelabrator work together beautifully to form a unique, end-to-end solution for aluminium die casting, delivering ultimate productivity and quality, with the lowest possible cost and resource use. 

Norican’s digital team will also be on hand to explain the latest IIoT solutions for die casting lines, designed to put aluminium foundries in total control of their data and their processes. 

Spanning melting, dosing, transfer, casting, and surface preparation, and harnessing the power of digitization, the ‘Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry’ can be found on the Norican Group stand in Hall 7, booth 272 throughout the show. 

HPDC from Italpresse Gauss: suits you perfectly
At EUROGUSS, Italpresse Gauss will demonstrate why it has led the market in high pressure, gravity and low pressure die casting for over 50 years. Visitors will discover:

  • Awe-inspiring HPDC machines that expand the frontiers of high pressure die casting to meet the highest demands of aluminium production and cope with the biggest, most complex structural parts.
  • How versatile, high-productivity work cells for gravity, high and low pressure die casting, combine Italpresse Gauss’s unmatched experience in designing cutting-edge equipment with sophisticated, custom automation, to deliver perfect process performance. And;
  • How the HMe control system - which offers powerful analysis of machine and process data, as well as integration of peripheral and mobile devices – gives customers complete control of their entire die casting process through a single user interface. 

StrikoWestofen: dosing, the next generation
StrikoWestofen’s melting, dosing and transfer technologies, famous for outstanding performance and unrivalled efficiency that delivers the very lowest energy use, will also be on show, Watch out for:

  • A new, customized version of the Westomat dosing furnace. Easy to install, clean and maintain, the new model offers tight integration with the die casting machine, two alternative pouring positions, and a 14% smaller footprint help it fit within existing layouts for more production capacity.  
  • Refill Monitor. Powered by NoriGate IIoT-driven hardware, the Refill Monitor captures and displays fill level and alloy data across multiple dosing furnaces, eliminating any risk of running low, over-filling or serving the wrong alloy to the die casting machine. And finally;
  • Part Load Efficiency Control for StrikoMelter. Designed to help foundries reduce energy consumption by up to 20%, the Part Load Efficiency Control optimises melting and holding across fluctuations in capacity, for example by avoiding numerous, short melting periods. 

StrikoWestofen’s special Efficiency Calculator will also be at EUROGUSS, enabling foundries to see exactly how much they could save by operating a StrikoMelter or StrikoMelter BigStruc - which remelts large structural parts - instead of other, less energy-efficient furnaces. 

Wheelabrator: surface preparation especially for alu
Wheelabrator makes its debut at this year’s EUROGUSS, with surface preparation solutions designed for aluminium applications. Visit to Norican stand to: 

  • Learn all about the latest shot blast equipment for aluminium foundries, including the SPH-2-3/8, a new aluminium-specific compact blast machine, and the LBS1000, a mesh belt machine also tailored to aluminium part processing.
  • Spin the “Wheel of Fortune” - a real TITAN blast wheel hooked up to Norican’s Monitizer software, and see how you can make the most of machine and process data. 

Delivering the Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry – digitally and through hands-on support
Norican Digital, Norican’s digital-focussed laboratory, develops IIoT products specifically for aluminium die casting and iron foundry operations. 

Throughout EUROGUSS, find out how these equipment agnostic, open and secure, state-of-the art solutions support Norican’s unique end-to-end ‘Complete Connected Aluminium Foundry’ solution, allowing individual pieces of kit to be joined up to offer exceptional performance and huge potential for cost and energy savings. 

The Norican Digital team, together with experts from Norican Group’s world-leading service and aftermarket support network, will be on hand to explain how innovative new service products and digital innovations can help die casting foundries hone quality, minimize maintenance requirements, eliminate unplanned downtime and use resources and labour wisely.

Planning your visit? Please feel free to contact your StrikoWestofen, Italpresse Gauss or Wheelabrator representative to arrange a meeting during the event. 


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