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FATA: A Partnership of Synergies

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Since 1983 Rhino Machines, has been synonymous to innovation with its technological edge in the field of moulding and sand mixing in India. On the other side of the globe in Italy, FATA has internationally recognised advanced reclamation technologies that provide time tested solutions for green sand and chemically bonded sand foundries.

Rhino Machines and FATA (Italy) have brought together their strengths to deliver next generation revolution in Sand Regeneration in India. They have found synergy in thoughts, vision and technology and have come together to deliver solutions that are tailored for the Indian Foundries–Technologically superior, commercially viable and suited to individual foundry size.

The coming together of common goals is also reflective of their distinct strengths. This is visible from the fact that since 1936 FATA has been the originator of the most efficient and sustainable technologies operating in reclamation plants, while Rhino is a well‐established name in the Foundry Business with a holistic understanding on the need for sand regeneration and re‐use.

The FATA‐Rhino partnership is strongly driven to deliver a higher RoI to the customer and is all set to create breakthrough solutions for the Indian Foundries. 

FATA‐Rhino PartnershipMotto
Provide total solutions with technology sharing between Italy & India to build on each other’s strengths.