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FOMET srl - Auto Chassis International ( FONDERIE LE MANS ) Renault Group

Auto Chassis International has now commissioned his new iron foundry at Le Mans in France.

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The iron foundry at Le Mans just commissioned is reputed ones of the most modern iron foundry in the world, not just because it is the latest, but also for the level of technical innovation incorporated.

Melting requirement of  30  tonnes an hour is provided from  medium frequency melting plants, with two intermediary 10 tonne capacity Auto Pour allowing the simultaneous pouring of two boxes at a time on Savelli green sand moulding line having double step mould movement  250 x 2 for total of 500 mould/H poured moulds. .

The automatic pouring furnaces supplied by FOMET srl, are equipped with the most technically advanced pouring control system yet seen in foundries, which includes metal level control by laser, and a reactive intelligent video camera system to supervise the control of the dosage of molten iron into the moulding boxes. Each furnace is equipped with “smart” automatic inoculation systems for correcting metal composition with in stream inoculation. Each furnace is equipped with a dynamic electronic weighing system which provides continuous management data to measure the amount of metal in the furnace.

The FOMET pouring furnaces are  channel induction mains frequency type, incorporating a very high level of thermal insulation along with constructional characteristics and “know how” covered by patents. The economical air-cooled induction coil (no water) also facilitates both maintenance, and eventual replacement of the inductor.

Also supplied by FOMET is an automatic furnace charging system which uses interchangeable 3 tonne ladles.  Each full ladle, after being placed in the charging unit, is raised, tilted and controlled by the management system, to provide a constant feed to the furnace inlet siphon, without interrupting the pouring operation.

The management interface pouring system of the furnace, also exchanges data with the other associated plant . This continually maintains the maximum efficiency of the entire production processes, while indicating any potential problems requiring maintenance intervention. The entire system is designed to function close to 96% efficiency.

ACI  previously chose FOMET equipment for its’ pouring production in the foundry at La Mans on the DISAMASTIC  line .  This new installation in Le Mans , confirms FOMET’s position as the leader in the supply of automatic pouring systems, which guarantee high returns for the high volume “automotive” foundries, combined with advanced technology and reliable safety standards, even on multiple shifts.

Other than ACI- Group Renault – LeMans,, the following “automotive” companies have chosen FOMET equipment:-
Teksid Spa – Italy, Teksid – Poland, Teksid – Brazil, Rassini Frenos SA – Group San Luis Rassini, Autometals SA –Spicer-Dana Group, Tisamatic de CV SA – Mexico, GKN Automotive – China, and Ashok Iron Works , Sakthi Auto and Amtek in India and many others.

FOMET will be at booth B1G in Italian Pavilion during ANKIROS FAIR 16-19 OCTOBER 2008


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