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Foundry of the Week: Cestaro Fonderie Spa

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CESTARO FONDERIE has been set up in 1963 as a family company, but nowadays is the most important Italian Aluminium Sand casting foundry and one of the best in the European territory.

The Company has more than 150 employees and has considerable experience in the field of electrical engineering, heat exchangers and mechanical parts in general.

It has 2 automatic moulding plants assisted by casting ovens, fully automatic, capable of producing up to 10000 tons / year. Dimensions are 1100x1200 H400+400 / 600x700 H250+250. Internal core shop with 7 automatic core shooters with capacity up to 100 liters, cold box technology. Semiautomatic decorring stations. Manual and robot assisted fettling. Penetrant Test Facilities. Heat treatment with dedicated ovens for T6 and T64. Machine shop with multi pallet handling systems. Dimensional control, mechanical tests, distructive controls, metallurgical laboratoy, chemical analysis. Air and Helium pressure and tightness test facilities.

Cestaro Fonderie has created its own technical team to develop (in the shortest way) the complete tooling and plants, and to give to our customers the better support at any project stage.

The production process is not limited to the normal fettling but include (on request) all the finishing operation requested by the customer (like heat treatment, machining, air and helium pressure and tightness test, surface treatments , different kind of quality check) to make the product ready to be installed.

Each processing step is subjected to rigorous quality controls in accordance with our quality management system ISO 9001 certificate.


Cestaro Fonderie Spa

Via dell'artigianato 34
36050 Bressanvido (Vicenza)

Telefon: +39 0444 460400