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Foundry of the Week: Dalian Yaming Automobile Parts Co., LTD

Joint-stock enterprise producing aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting products

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Dalian yaming automobile parts co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "dalian yaming") is a joint-stock enterprise producing aluminum alloy high-pressure die-casting products. Dalian yaming is a powerful rapid prototyping die casting mould design and manufacturing ability, with advanced high pressure die casting production capacity, product finishing ability and detecting ability, the scale of production in the same industry.

Dalian yaming leading products belong to the automobile industry advanced models and advanced engine parts production category, mainly for Volkswagen, mercedes-benz, Toyota, ford, general motors, and other domestic and foreign well-known automobile manufacturers supporting production of aluminum alloy high pressure die casting products, such as: engine cylinder head cover, the transmission/clutch shell, the cylinder block and oil pan, etc. In addition, it is a companion product for the American mercury yacht.

Dalian yaming always puts technical innovation at the top of the enterprise development, and only the ability of technical progress and independent innovation can bring lasting competitive advantage to the enterprise. Dalian yaming pays great attention to talent training, has its own research and development team, has its own mold design concept, technical personnel can skillfully use CAE/UG/AUTOCAD and other software to open mold front analysis and mold design. Have a bold innovation, the traditional die casting technology and created the aluminum alloy die casting in the actual production automation technology, fill the casting technology of die casting, aluminum alloy extrusion die casting, die casting mould cooling technology, automatic trimming aluminum alloy die casting technology and mould clamping trimming 17 patents of utility model, 2, 4 invention patents, software copyright provides technical support for mould manufacturing.

To make the enterprise gain long-term development, dalian yaming will adhere to the guiding spirit of made in China, 2025, prompting companies to develop in the direction of intelligent, automatic, digital and visual, workshop management basic realized the Internet and Internet of things.

Dalian yaming in manpower and material resources, successfully developed a water flow control system, make up the domestic blank of the real-time monitoring technology, mould die-casting industry cooling water for die casting machine mold cooling water visualization, information real-time transmission, real-time alarm, real-time query, convenient management, control the product quality, reduce the rejection rate, improved the economic efficiency of enterprises.

The development of the automatic cutting edge machine system has been fully put into use, and the production process has been fully automated, automatic drawing, automatic cutting edge, automatic packing and casting process. The automation of die-casting production line is a new high technology project in die casting industry, and the automation of die-casting production line will bring the die-casting production technology to the highest peak of the industry. The project can save a lot of labor, improve production efficiency, ensure product quality, and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

Dalian yaming informatization construction is also growing year by year, ERP has deepen in phase ii, added a practical function, self-developed production management system has added a new module, developed enterprise WeChat, office way diversification, improve work efficiency.

Dalian yaming main production workshop established the digital control management system. Workshop digital using machine connected to the Internet, bar code, RFID and human-computer interaction technology, automatic data collection equipment, labor, production, quality, working hours, such as information analysis and processing, information visualization management, realize the digital production process, transparent, accurate, real-time and visual, improved the production efficiency. The transformation of management mode to digitalization and intelligentization has laid the foundation for the great development of enterprises.

Dalian yaming has passed the TS16949 / ISO14001 / OHSAS18001 system authentication, related to the national high-tech enterprises, is casting industry access to enterprise, is the national ministry of commerce and national development and reform commission official confirmation of the 160 "national auto parts export base enterprises" one.

Dalian yaming has always adhered to the core idea of market-oriented, quality and growth, creating the world's first-class die-casting enterprise and the most trusted company in the world.

Source: CFA's 20 Best Diecasters


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