FRECH - Optimistic about Southeast Asia Market

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After years of rapid development in China's foundry and die-casting industry, companies are accelerating their transformation and upgrading. The industry is transforming its development model from extensive to intensive quality. At the same time, due to factors such as high labor costs, fierce market competition, and stringent environmental protection policies, many companies have turned their sights on Southeast Asia, invested in factories or established trading companies, and mdeveloped local markets.

In response to this development trend, the China Foundry Productivity Promotion Center, together with the National Foundry Institute of Japan, South Korea, and Thailand, held the METAL APin Bangkok, Thailand, a casting industry chain professional exhibitionincluding four majors of die-casting, casting, Metallurgy, industrial furnaces and metal heat treatment.

“The Asian market is full of development potential and opportunities. As the leading international diecasting technology and equipment supplier headquartered in Germany since 1949, FRECH has a die casting machine production base in Germany and in China and faces the Asian market,” president ofFRECH ASIA Pte Ltd. Mr.Jean Pierre FIGARI said: “I am also optimistic about the Southeast Asian market. At present, we have successfully implemented turnkey projects in Bangkok, Thailand. The Vietnam market also has good prospects.”

FRECH ASIA Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "FRECH Asia") is responsible for the overall business of South East Asia including Pacific and India. When METAL AP 2018 officially settled in the market of Bangkok, Thailand, FRECH Asia became one of the first companies to register for the exhibition.

Mr. Jean Pierre FIGARI stated: "FRECH is one of the world's leading companies in high pressure die casting technology. We can provide turnkey solutions from Europe and from China. At present, we have four die casting equipment’s manufacturing plants in Europe: MELTEC in Austria, ROBAMAT in Austria, VDS in Switzerland and SPESIMA in Bulgaria, and two factories responsible for mold manufacturing (Germany & Poland).

The manufacturing bases of FRECHGermany is based in Stuttgart and in China is located in Shanghai.Whether in Europe, China, or Southeast Asia, consumers are increasingly demanding high-quality parts and components, and they urgently need a reliable supplier of parts.Therefore, FRECH Asia did not hesitate to participate in METAL AP. As a result, FRECH will meet the demand of high-quality die-casting production of OEM manufacturers in the region, accelerate the company's pace of development in Southeast Asia, and expand the global cooperation in metal applications.

FRECH is an internationally renowned provider of die-casting technology and production solutions. Its main products include cold/hot chamber die-casting machines, die-casting and injection molds, vacuum dosing and holding furnaces, and peripherals for mold temperature systems. The company has one of the most complete die casting machine product lines in the world. It has hot chamber die casting machines with clamping forces from 240 to 6500 kN, and cold chamber die casting machines with clamping forces ranging from 2750 kN to 52000 kN.Vacural ® patented technology developed by the company, helps the world-famous die-casting mills to achieve high-quality production, which has also led FRECH to stay ahead in the field of die-casting technology.


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