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General Kinematics: A Safe-Install Rotary Liner Technology

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One day, General Kinematics President Tom Musschoot was talking to a GK foundry expert about a recent foundry visit where he witnessed a competitor’s rotary drum having new liners installed. The liner sections were cast grids and were pretty heavy. He watched as the maintenance team used a come-along to pull the top panel out of a stack, and then jump out of the way as the stack caved in. As the foundry team tried to install the new liners, he watched a second cave-in. Many times when we go into the field, we would find these cast grids welded together because the foundry was fearful that the worn grids would collapse in operation. If you have a rotary drum with these cast grid liners, you undoubtedly have experienced this phenomenon. This story lead to the creation of GK’s rotary line and eventually replacement liner systems.

GK’s LOCK-TITE™ Rotary Drum Liners change the game when it comes to ease of installation, safety, and shakeout performance. Each liner cartridge is custom engineered to fit into your existing drum then pre-assembled at the GK factory to ensure ease of installation. Liner cartridges are lifted into place, slid into position, expanded, and bolted down—no more fear of collapsing cast grids during replacement or operation. The inherent design of our liner panels allow for significantly more open area, removing sand, tramp metal, and other small contaminants from your casting stream sooner, with little to no sand carry over, even in upset conditions.

If you need to replace your drum body, GK has options for that as well. If the inside is worn but not worn out, GK can re-skin your existing body with either and AR liner or our all-new GK-1000™ alloy for an even longer life. If your drum body and liner need replacement, or you’ve welded your existing cast grid system together, consider the cost savings of purchasing an entire replacement rolling assembly. This consists of a new drum body with sprocket, forged tires, and liner system preinstalled. Just lift out the old body and drop our upgraded assembly in place.

If everything is worn out on your drum, or you are installing a new line, GK has a wide range of new rotary equipment options. GK has drums for casting cleaning, shakeout, sprue cleaning and consolidation, sand cooling, sand reclamation, slag recovery, and more.

Check out General Kinematic's full line of rotary options here.


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