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High Performance Relationship

Wheelabrator is to supply two sets of double-blast-chamber HB strip descaling machines to Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd (“Bao Steel”), China’s largest steel manufacturer and a subsidiary of China Baowu Steel Group. The contract was signed on 8th November 2020 at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

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Baoshan Iron & Steel adds two extra Wheelabrator HB strip descaling machines
Both HB-2x4/1601-100 strip descaling shot blast machines will be delivered in September 2021 and will play a vital role in Bao Steel’s cutting-edge, Shanghai-based silicon steel project.  Each machine will feature eight sets of U-105 blast wheels, giving a total of 16 sets of blast wheels.

High performance descaling for strip steel
“We are delighted to announce this latest contract with Bao Steel and were honoured to be invited to the signing ceremony,” says Wei Baohua, senior vice president for the Asia Pacific region at Norican Group. “Silicon steel production is a continuous, high-speed process which demands high performance equipment, so choosing the right machine is critical. The Wheelabrator HB-2 is perfectly suited to this application, offering rapid, high quality descaling and strip stability plus outstanding economic value and reliability.”

The partnership between Wheelabrator and Bao Steel dates back to 2004, when Bao Steel’s first HB machine was commissioned. The company now has more than 10 Wheelabrator machines installed for strip and component descaling, with its HB machines recently upgraded with new blast wheels as part of an Equipment Modernisation and Upgrade Programme.

Wheelabrator’s HB descaling machines are renowned in the field of strip steel production, with over 50 already installed in China alone. Forming a vital part of continuous processing lines that combine annealing, cooling and mechanical descaling, they are equally suitable for push-pull pickling lines, and can process narrow, medium and wide strips with widths up to 2.1m.

Maximum blast power, minimum cost
Fitted as standard with Wheelabrator’s flexible and efficient Universal shot blast wheels, the HB-2’s blast cleaning power remains constant regardless of the strip width. Its thorough abrasive descaling combined with efficient dust extraction means steel strip exits completely clean and free of stray abrasive, which can significantly reduce final pickling costs.

“This contract for two new HB machines further strengthens Wheelabrator’s longstanding relationship with Bao Steel,” says Wei Baohua. “We are proud to work in such close cooperation with China’s largest steel producer and are looking forward to seeing the new silicon steel line start production next year.”


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