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Hunter automatic molding machine and linear mold-handing system installed in Poland

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Hunter Automated Machinery Corporation of Schaumburg, IL USA, is proud to announce the sale and installation of an XL2430 automatic molding machine and HLH-30 linear mold-handing system to AKWA of Gniezno, Poland.

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This system consists of the XL2430 automatic molding machine, and produces a mold 24” (610 mm) X 30” (762 mm) with a cope of 12” (305 mm) and a drag of 11” (280 mm).

The HLH linear mold handling system includes an AC-6 accumulating conveyor, which is located between the molding machine and transfer station. This AC-6, or six mold positions, provides 7.2 minutes of mold storage between the molding machine and mold handling system when operating at the rate of 50 molds per hour.

The accumulating conveyor allows the molding machine to continue to run as long as there are positions available while there might be a delay caused by metal delivery.

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The HLH-30 linear mold handling pouring line, designated PL-27 does have 27 mold positions of which 20 have weights and jackets.  This system has an automatic weight and jacket cleaner, located in an intermediate position between the pouring line and return line and all weights and jackets are cleaned each time they are rotated throughout the system.  This PL-27 pouring line does provide 22.8 minutes of cooling under weights and jackets at a production rate of 50 molds per hour.

The cooling portion of this system, designated CL-17 contains 17 trays, each capable of holding up to 2 molds.  When operating at the rate of 50 molds per hour, this system does provide an additional 38.4 minutes of cooling without weights and jackets, for a total cooling time of 61.2 minutes at a production rate of 50 molds per hour.

In addition to the equipment, Hunter Automated Machinery provided installation supervision and assistance with pattern adaptation.

This system is an addition to their current cope and drag system in operation.






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