Hyundai plan to launch one more model in India

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Indian Automobile market has shown considerable hike in the recent past and at present is ruling the World Automobile market. Keeping this in mind Hyundai has announced to launch more new cars in India to be able to capture the bigger part of the market.

Mr Han Woo Park the company's MD said that “Our plan is to introduce more than one new model every year and refurbish more than one existing model to gain market share. 'In addition we will expand our dealership for deeper market penetration in India.”

In the Indian market Hyundai produced 600,000 cars per annum which releases from two units in Chennai. One third of the cars are exported.

Hyundai is the India's largest exporter of cars and second largest in Asia in production of passenger cars. The companies Indian arm, exports cars to 110 countries including, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

The companies strategy is to reach the domestic market which is witnessing a higher demand of automobile. At the same time Hyundai is planning to extend its dealer network keeping in mind the rural India. Hyundai seems to be all set to make the best out of the opportunity.