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IceTech A/S

Introducing new machines

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New Digital Dry Ice Blasting Machine with GS/TÜV Approval

IceTech introduces two new digital dry ice blasting machines, the „IceBlast KG30 PROFESSIONAL“ and the „IceBlast KG50 PROFESSIONAL“.

In addition to having been digitalized, these new machines have been both TÜV and TÜV/GS approved (GS stands for “geprüfte Sicherheit”, i.e. “approved safety”). They include a number of new functions:

  • Multi-touch control panel
    Programming facilities in three levels
  • Memory for storing various blasting parameters
  • Multiple language display
  • Grounding indicator – machine start only possible when sufficiently grounded (protects the user against static electricity)
  • Optional remote control of blasting parameters from the blasting gun
  • Blasting with dry ice and air – or with air only


The „IceBlast KG30 PROFESSIONAL“ is TÜV/GS-TÜV approved, programmable in three levels, has various memory functions, optional remote control of the blasting parameters, multi-touch control panel, etc. The dry ice capacity is 66 lbs (30 kg), the operating pressure up to 232 psi (16 bar) and the dry ice consumption infinitely adjustable from 66-220 lbs/h (30-100 kg/h).

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The dry ice blasting machines „IceBlast KG30 PROFESSIONAL“ / „IceBlast KG50 PROFESSIONAL“ are especially suitable for professional users with extensive cleaning requirements. The machines are highly efficient and have a well-arranged, user-friendly multi-touch control panel and optional remote control. The machines are made of aluminum and their compact size allows easy use in narrow areas.

Cleaning Principles
The dry ice blasting equipment uses small CO2 particles (CO2 = carbon dioxide) as blasting media, in the following called Cryo Pellets. The temperature of the Cryo Pellets is -79°C. (Liquid CO2 is used to produce CO2 snow, which then under high pressure is converted into hard and equal pellets – dims. approx. Ø3x10 mm).

The cleaning effect of dry ice blasting is based on three principles:

  • Thermal effect: Due to the low temperature of the Cryo Pellets (-79°C) impurities will be cooled down, shrink and loosen.
  • Kinetic effect: The kinetic energy of pellets leaving the nozzle contributes to removing impurities.
  • Sublimation effect: Pellets hitting a surface are immediately transformed into gas - a volume increase of approx. 700 times tears away loose/brittle impurities.


COMBI 75 – Dry Ice Production AND Blasting


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The “COMBI 75” from IceTech
– dry ice pellet production and dry ice blasting combined in ONE machine.

This new combined dry ice production and blasting machine from IceTech can be set to automatically produce a pre-defined quantity of dry ice pellets (5-75 kg/h / 11-165 lbs/h), i.e. the pelletizer unit adapts its output to the dry ice consumption of the blasting unit.

The “COMBI 75” from IceTech combines several units and functions:

  • Pelletizer unit
  • Dry ice blasting unit
  • Colour touch screen
  • Password protection
  • Online remote status and alarms
  • Parallel installation of extra panel
  • Distribution system w/up to 10 blasting guns
  • Integration in plant control units and automation processes

Automatic Dry Ice Production
The combination of dry ice production and dry ice blasting in ONE machine - and the automatic adaptation of the pelletizer output - offer a number of advantages:

  • Always fresh dry ice pellets available for blasting
  • Reduced CO2 consumption, only the dry ice quantity required is produced
  • Dry ice produced directly into the blasting unit

Dry Ice Blasting - Alternative Industrial Cleaning
Dry ice blasting is a dry and gentle - but extremely efficient - cleaning process, a process where no blasting media is left after cleaning and where no water, detergents, chemicals, etc. are involved. Cleaning with dry ice blasting equipment is thus an excellent alternative to cleaning with traditional equipment - worthwhile considering due to the following advantages:

  • Minimum downtime, cost-saving, fast, effective
  • Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, dry, none-abrasive
  • No blasting media to be disposed of after blasting

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