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Inductoheat expands fields of competence and services in Europe

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Inductoheat Europe GmbHHWG Inductoheat GmbH is changing its name to Inductoheat Europe GmbH. Based in Reichenbach, Germany, the specialist in inductive hardening and heating processes will serve in future as the central port of call in Europe for the entire portfolio of products and services offered by the whole of the Inductoheat Group, to which the company has belonged since 1985. With this move, all Group's inductive heat treatment-related competences and services will be concentrated, upgraded and extended in this one location. The wider range of services on offer will benefit particularly customers with overarching requirements. And there will be even more reasons to celebrate as this year in Reichenbach as the technology leader celebrates its 60 year jubilee.

"This restructuring process will afford customers access to the complete and very extensive range of services offered by our entire company group," emphasizes Frank Andrä, CEO of the traditional firm HWG Inductoheat, which will be trading under the name Inductoheat Europe GmbH from the end of 2011. "This move will allow us to respond more efficiently to the ever more complex requirements of customers, which increasingly span across different areas of expertise. We will now be in a position to offer optimum solutions overarching every aspect of inductive heat treatment."

Addressing overarching requirements

The challenging and innovative technology surrounding inductive heat treatment offers an ever greater application spectrum against a backdrop of increasingly complex requirements. As technology leader in the field of inductive heat treatment, the company's experts develop innovative solutions to address customer needs. Alongside hardening, these include also shrink fitting, stress-relieving heat treatment, soldering or induction forge heating, as well as pipe welding and wire heating. Customers of the company, founded way back in 1951, will also benefit as the Inductoheat Europe Competence Centre concentrates wide-ranging different advisory and backup services in a single location.

This will provide a single port of call for the complete application spectrum of inductive heat treatment to cover all the products, processes and services offered by the world market leader. Channelling the collective pooled expertise in this way will provide a comprehensive overview of this whole family of technologies and create synergies which will benefit customers. A central laboratory and application centre and a training centre located right at the heart of Europe also have added benefits to offer.

Proud to celebrate 60 years of company history

Frank Andrä embraces the new extended leadership role assigned to Inductoheat Europe GmbH both as recognition for past achievements and also as an exciting aspiration for the future. The celebrations due to take place this year to mark the company's 60th Jubilee will provide an ideal opportunity to take pride in its achievements to date and to embrace the challenges to come.

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