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Inductotherm introduces ARMS®

The latest in foundry automation

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The ARMS® (Automated Robotic Melt Shop) System - The latest in foundry automation!

Automated systems, like the ARMS® System, separate the foundry worker from the furnace and its inherently dangerous molten metal allowing you to protect the most valuable asset on the melt deck - your employees. In addition to improved worker safety, the ARMS® System offers other unique benefits to foundries by reducing operating costs, improving worker recruitment and retention thus greatly increasing melt efficiency as well as other efficiencies that come from automated operations.

<link file:7330>Inductotherm’s ARMS® System is the first system to be installed in an operating melt shop that can slag the molten bath, measure metal temperatures, take samples and add trim alloys while the furnace operator remains in the control room. Once the operator remotely charges the furnace using the automated charging system, and the metal is molten, the operator puts the robot to work. The operator uses a touch-screen HMI and video monitoring systems located at the control desk to supervise the ARMS System. The robot uses a probe tool to verify that the bath is properly and safely grounded, inserts a thermocouple lance to measure the bath temperature, dips a cup to collect a metal sample for analysis, adds any needed trim alloys, spreads slag coagulant, and effectively removes slag from the bath – one of the most onerous and dangerous tasks in any melt shop.

Along with the ARMS® System, there are many additional automated systems that enhance worker safety and increase productivity. Automated charging systems are designed to deliver charge materials to the furnace quickly, maximizing productivity of the melting system. Using drying/preheating systems can reduce furnace-charging accidents significantly by eliminating moisture in the charge material while preheating the charge material, allowing for a quicker melt rate. Melt shop computer controls assist the furnace operator in running melt deck systems with more precise control, saving time/energy and maintaining key operational data. Automated slag removal devices reduce labor requirements and increase the effectiveness of removing slag from larger furnaces. Lining push-out systems reduce the downtime required for lining replacement and reduce silica dust exposure to personnel. Automatic pouring systems are available to complement these tools and allow pouring to keep pace with the fastest molding machines, reducing labor requirements, while enhancing casting quality with accurate and repeatable pours.

While robots and other automated systems in the melt shop reduce operator error, increase efficiency, cut labor costs and ensure consistent furnace operation practices, their most important contribution is significantly enhanced worker safety. Removing the furnace operator from the most dangerous situations and from many of the most physically taxing melt shop tasks also aids worker recruitment and retention.


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