King-size 3-D printer unveiled at Denison Industries

Denison Industries recently expanded its main foundry. The expansion is home to a huge new 3-D printer.

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The ExOne S-Max uses sand to build 3-D molds or cores almost 6 feet long.

At a ribbon-cutting for the new facility on Friday, the company invited students from the Denison Independent School District to see the printer in action.

"Lots of light in their eyes," said Denison Industries spokesman Bryan Petty. "They are playing in the fun sandbox. I want to instill that sense of, 'Hey, we've got manufacturing right here in Denison; we've got stuff that's really preparing for the future,' and you guys -- if you think about a career in the future -- think home first."

The company says the addition of this new tool will speed things up at the foundry, which manufactures aluminum castings for military and civilian industries.

Source: Brittany Breeding, KTEN News


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