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Your Lightweight-Partner and specialist for Low Pressure Casting and Trimming

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For more than 35 years, Kurtz GmbH has been building low pressure-, tilting- and gravity casting machines for aluminum and magnesium alloys. Besides permanent mold, Kurtz offers low pressure machines for plaster, ceramic and sand mold casting. The production of trimming presses in different varieties with up to 300 ton press force is another specialty of the German machine builder.

From melting to pre-machined parts on top of own built machines, Kurtz offers turnkey solutions for foundries together with its partners. As subsidiary of the global leader in technology and supplier group Kurtz Ersa, Kurtz is always close to the customer and offers worldwide support.  Especially automotive OEM´s and Tier 1 highly value this structure. 

As low-pressure experts, Kurtz supplies modern foundries to cast state of the art chassis and structural components as well as engine parts and blocks worldwide. With the important technology advantage, customers achieve the best quality and highest efficiency at the same time.

The lightweight and alternative drives trend favor the success of Kurtz low pressure technology. Kurtz has an established reputation in casting of battery and electric motor housings, large frames and structural parts. Excellent mechanical properties and the use of sand cores allow a weight reduction of up to 50%. Corresponding machine peripherals and high efficient cooling capabilities reduce cycle times to a minimum. This allows for example to cast 8 knuckles in less than 3 minutes on a Kurtz machine. Cores, filters and castings are loaded and taken out automatically. Cooling, marking, sawing, de-coring, trimming and x-ray. The whole process is done nearly without operators.

From the first idea to the sold part, for you Kurtz will get the most out of it.

Visit us at the FUNDIEXPO 2018 in Guadalajara, booth 422!


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