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Leading Japanese Automotive OEM Purchases Godfrey & Wing Vacuum Impregnation System

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Godfrey & Wing has received a contract from a leading Japanese automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to supply a Continuous Flow impregnation (CFi) system. In 2021, the system will be installed in the OEM’s Tennessee manufacturing facility to seal leaks paths in die castings and gain overall manufacturing efficiency. 

This contract is the fourth vacuum impregnation system purchased by this OEM since 2013. All systems integrate with machining, washing, and leak testing to create a fully automated environment. Considering the OEM’s demands of modular footprint, efficiency, and automation, Godfrey & Wing’s technology has proved to be the best solution.

This new CFi will seal leak paths in four-cylinder, cast aluminum engine blocks. The system will integrate with pressure testing operations by transferring the engine blocks via a robotic arm from leak testing to the CFi. The system will automatically detect the parts and move them through the impregnation process. The CFi enables continuous production in this sophisticated manufacturing environment.

"This CFi will play an integral role in manufacturing these engine blocks." said Dan Irvin, North American Business Development Manager, "This system is the only possibility to integrate vacuum impregnation within one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the world."



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