Lebanon - Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts (PPCP) Provides Customers with a Selection Guide for Metal Casting to Assist in Deciding Between Investment Casting vs. Other Processes

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Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts (PPCP) has developed a Selection Guide for Metal Casting to help companies choose between investment casting and other processes, depending on their specific needs

Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts (PPCP), an industry-leading investment casting company located in Lebanon, Pa., has developed a concise Selection Guide for Metal Casting to assist customers in choosing the best casting process for their individual needs and part specifications.

“This is a very concise chart that hits on key decision-making points to help companies consider the available options,” says Andrew Miller, President and CEO of PPCP. “Our representatives and professional staff can assist in more detailed analysis when appropriate.”

The PPCP Selection Guide for Metal Casting offers general guidelines for how four processes compare:

  • Investment Casting
  • Sand Casting
  • Die Casting
  • Permanent Molding It touches on several key decision-making factors:
  • Alloys Selection
  • Cost for High and Low Quantities of Castings
  • Part Weight Range
  • Dimensional Tolerances
  • Casting Wall Thickness
  • Finishes
  • Design Complexity Capabilities
  • Design Changes During Production

“At PPCP, we’ve built long-term relationships by ensuring that our customers get the castings they need and that they are completely satisfied,” says Miller. “In some cases, investment casting may not be the optimal choice. Our guide, and our people, can help customers make that decision. In the long run, what’s best for our customers is best for us.”

Company Information - Pennsylvania Precision Cast Parts (PPCP) is an industry-leading manufacturer of top-quality investment castings for a broad range of parts, industries and applications. PPCP has the experience, technical expertise and quality-assurance processes necessary to consistently and reliably deliver castings up to 250 pounds in an extensive array of alloys, from steel and aluminum to highly specialized materials. Located in Lebanon, Pa., PPCP has two fully equipped facilities, cutting-edge equipment and technology, advanced processes and one of the most experienced teams in the industry. PPCP delivers investment casting excellence through exceptional People, Process and Performance.