Magaly Hübner Busato takes over as CEO of WHB Automotive S/A

WHB Automotive S/A announces the new position of CEO, a step planned according to the leadership transition initiated in 2017 by its founder Mr. Teodoro Hübner Filho when the Executive Committee was created.


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Magaly Hübner Busato, daughter of the founder, served as CFO and member of the Executive Committee. Graduated in Economics from UFPR, with an MBA in Finance from IBMEC, she built her career based on the principles of entrepreneurship that have always been WHB's mindset. Magaly who had been prepared within the Governance processes assumes the position of CEO and will be at the head of the whole Company operation. The nomination is part of a natural process and was unanimously approved by the members of the Board of Directors.

Magaly works for 30 years in the company of which 18 years as CFO. During her career Magaly engaged with increasing responsibilities and experienced the fluctuations that affected the automotive market in the recent decades. All the challenges faced have certainly contributed to giving her the necessary competence to take this position.

"We started the Governance process in 2017, when my father Mr. Teodoro stepped away from the Operations and assumed the Presidency of the Board of Directors. Since then the decisions have been taken by the members of the Executive Committee formed by me, my husband Roderjan Busato and my brother Adriano Hübner. "The choice of a CEO is a natural step of this process and certainly necessary for the transition to take place in a planned and organized way allowing us to move forward with the mission of maintaining the company's prosperity and values and its preparation for the future, always prioritizing customers and focusing on market trends. I appreciate the trust you have placed on me and I am honored to take this position." Says Magaly Hübner Busato.

About WHB Automotive S/A

Founded in 1993, headquartered in Curitiba-PR, WHB is a company that excels in the Excellence of its products and Customer satisfaction, focused on creating innovative solutions for the manufacture of Aluminum and Iron castings, forged and machined components. It excels in the development and supply of high complexity parts, such as Engine blocks, Cylinder heads, Cylinder heads cover, Connecting rods, Crankshaft, Wheel hubs and Brake adjusters produced with state-of-the-art and high-precision equipment. Today WHB has more than 2.000 employees.

With the appointment of the CEO, the members of the Executive Committee will dedicate to their other businesses and will serve WHB as members of the Board of Directors with the mission of supporting Magaly in the new challenges and dedicating themselves to strategic subjects for the benefit of WHB Automotive S/A.


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