Magnesium Pressure Die-Casting Machine catches Fire at BMW in Landshut

A fire broke out yesterday afternoon at the BMW plant in Landshut. The fire in the industrial hall in Ergolding has led to strong smoke development with a rubber smell in the area. Three people were injured. According to the police, the damage amounts to more than two million euros.


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After the fire yesterday at the BMW plant in Landshut, production is expected to start again after the clean-up. In one hall, a magnesium die-casting machine had caught fire. Two BMW employees and a firefighter were injured.

At first, the pit for machine waste had caught fire, which then spread to the magnesium die-casting machine. Thanks to the rapid deployment of the fire department, it was possible to prevent the fire from spreading further to the neighboring magnesium furnace.

Three Injured
Two BMW employees who operated the magnesium die-casting machine and helped to extinguish the fire were suffered mild injuries. One of them was treated on-site; the other was brought to the local hospital for observation.

A local firefighter was also treated on an outpatient basis due to possible smoke poisoning. The cause of the fire is still unclear. For clarification, the affected machine will be inspected by experts in the coming days.