Metallurgy exceeds expectations and should generate $350 million in business

Fair receives 13 thousand visitors from 17 Brazilian states and other 11 countries

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The atmosphere of satisfaction was general among the 120 expositor brands of Metallurgy 2018 - Fair and International Congress of Technology for Foundry, Steel, Forging, Aluminum and Services [Feira e Congresso Internacional de Tecnologia para Fundição, Siderurgia, Forjaria, Alumínio e Serviços], held from September 18 to 21, in Joinville, SC. The business estimate should exceed R$ 350 million in contracts signed during the fair or contacts initiated the event and to be consolidated in the next first eight months, exceeding expectations Initial organization.

The number of visitors reached the mark of 13 thousand people, coming from 17 states, of 344 different cities, covering all regions of the country, including representatives of most of Brazil's foundries. In addition, visitors from 11 other countries were registered, three from Europe - Germany, Italy and Switzerland - and eight from the Americas - Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, USA, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay. The quality of the visitors is evident in the profile identified in the event. 16 % are Presidents, Vice, Partners or Directors, 21 % hold management positions, 50% technical functions and 13% students. The largest group of visitors, 25% come from the smelter segment, 10% from the automotive and 18% from engineering, steel, agricultural and heat treatment. Most came in search of machines and equipment, followed by foundries and castings, automation, process and measurement control, furnaces, boilers and heat treatment.

Richard Spirandelli, Messe Brasil’s Director, estimates that the mood among exhibitors is highly positive. "The fair fulfilled its role of relationship, business and capacity building, consolidating itself as the most complete B2B marketing investment as the tool that generates more credibility in the negotiations. Nothing replaces the “face to face”, he argues.

The president of ABIFA - Associação Brasileira da Fundição, Afonso Gonzaga, reinforces the importance of companies positioning themselves in trade fairs. "It is an inductor of development, management, innovation and technology, as it enables companies to invest in the technological innovation of the manufacturing parks", he emphasizes. Gonzaga points out that the sector has a significant participation in the development of the country, adding 64 thousand companies and accumulate an annual turnover of 6.5 billion dollars. "The momentum of the market signals a 6.5% increase in production volume in 2018 compared to 2017," he adds.

For the exhibitors, the fair brought the expected return and, in most cases, it was even higher. Mario Di Caterina, Deumex’s Director, says that Metallurgy surprised by the quality of the public. "They are professionals focused on processes, equipment and business. We managed to contact at least five business opportunities in the short term, "he says.

Benedito Catneiro, director of the North American LECO, who was already an exhibitor at Metallurgy, came to speculate on the environment of the event and to evaluate the possibility of re-exhibiting in the next edition in the 2020. "I found the tip of business and quality which should motivate us to return as exhibitors," he concludes.

Inductotherm’s Manager Fernando Mauri, the world leader in induction heating, ponders the improvement of the event compared to the 2016 edition. "It is a reflection that the market is warming up and that we will have good business opportunities in the coming months. In addition, we are pleased with the technical quality of the public, who visit the event with clear objectives, search for innovation, technology and focus on business”, he reinforces.

Fred Ziegler, Ztech’s Director, received a qualified audience from day one. "They are professionals with an interest in innovation and we are looking forward to consolidating great business after the fair considering the demand for innovation and the quality of the professionals who visited us", he says.

Simultaneous events focusing on professionalization
For the first time Metallurgy counted on programming technical workshops on innovations and technologies for the sector presented by exhibitors. There were 16 free lectures that had the participation of 480 professionals.

The Portal of the Industrial Heating, integrated to the fair, addressed issues related to industry 4.0, industrial heating and foundry technologies. There were 18 free lectures that gathered 285 people at the fair, in addition to those that accompanied the online broadcast.

The speaker Bruno Marques Macedo, Contemp’s Technical Manager, noted that it was an opportunity for customers to clarify doubts about heat treatment processes. "The public brought new ideas and demands for products that can be developed", he adds. Together, the free workshops and lectures totaled 36 hours of training.

One of the most talked about themes in the industrial world, was in the central debate of CINTEC 2018 Foundry. The 12 lectures and mini-courses were attended by 560 professionals.

Business Roundtable
The Business Round held during the fair enlarged the possibility of consolidating partnerships and contracts. 275 business meetings were held between business owners who demand and offer products and services, with the participation of 84 people. At the negotiating table, eight purchasing companies participated, including the major foundries in the region - Tupy, Embraco, Schulz Automotive, LS Tractor, ArcelorMittal, Ciser, Fremax and Marcopolo - and 39 suppliers. During the event, R$ 3.65 million in business were consolidated, which should be increased to R$ 18 million in the next six months.

Rafael Kozoski, from KNX Alumínio, participated for the first time in the round and evaluates the opportunity as very productive for suppliers. "We make direct contact with the buyer. The way is shortened because we come to the right person. I'm excited about the business possibilities", he adds.

Gustavo Zattar, from Indirect Supplies at Embraco, evaluated good opportunities in micro-fusing and chemical processes. "It was productive to meet new suppliers and innovative product options in the market", he adds.

About Metallurgy
Held every two years, the 11th edition Metallurgy reunited 120 exhibitors from 39 different cities in Brazil, as well as China, Spain, Italy and Germany, occupying area of 8,000 m² of exhibition at the Convention and Exhibition Center Expoville. Organized by Messe Brasil, Metallurgy is an accomplishment of ABIFA (Associação Brasileira da Fundição) and has the support of ABIMAQ (Associação Brasileira da Indústria de Máquinas e Equipamentos), ABIMEI (Associação Brasileira dos Importadores de Máquinas e Equipamentos Industriais), ICZ (Instituto Brasileiro de Metais Não Ferrosos), Sociedade Brasileira de Metrologia and ABNT (Associação Brasileira de Normas Técnicas). The Metallurgy 2020 already has a date and will be held from September 15 to 18.


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