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Metalriciclo - the showcase for sustainable metallurgy

April 2 - 4 at the Garda Exhibition Centre in Montichiari

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The 2009 edition of the event will address environmental quality, energy <link _top>efficiency and <link _top>scrap recovery

Brescia – With only two editions under its belt, it has ensured its title as the ‘event of reference’ for the <link _top>scrap recovery and <link _top>recycling system, with a 2007 edition that registered more than 140 exhibitor companies and more than 4,000 specialised visitors. With this introduction Metalriciclo, the Exhibition of Technologies for the Recovery and <link _top>Recycling of ferrous and <link _top>non ferrous metals, Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency, created and organised by Edimet, is preparing for the third edition, which starts off the event’s biannual cycle in 2009.

The satisfaction of the industry professionals who attended the first two editions confirmed the validity of an exhibition event dedicated to the recovery of ferrous and <link _top>non ferrous metals at the end of the product life cycle, which is a fundamental activity with great added value for a country such as Italy lacking in <link _top>raw materials and energy. This is demonstrated by the numbers from the recovery industry in Italy for 2006: 19.8 million tons of <link _top>steel from <link _top>electric furnaces (from <link _top>scraps) and 670,000 tons of <link _top>aluminium alloy from <link _top>foundries from <link _top>scraps were produced, 21.5 million tons of ferrous <link _top>scraps and 1.2 million tons of non ferrous <link _top>scraps were consumed. These numbers place Italy first in Europe for metal recovery and metal production from <link _top>scraps. The Brescian area stands out in this context as it represents approx. 50% of the national recovery and <link _top>recycling industry.

In order to respond to the needs of the sector and industry professionals, Metalriciclo will strengthen its offer from 2009, focusing its attention on topics that are important for the industry and that will make the event more complete.

Environmental quality, a priority
Attention to the <link _top>environment and its balance are implicit aspects of Metalriciclo, whereas it is evident that correct metal <link _top>scrap recovery and <link _top>recycling operations are an act of great respect toward the <link _top>environment in which we live, and contribute toward its protection.

The intention of Metalriciclo 2009 is to increase attention on environmental quality by strengthening the exposition area dedicated to this topic, which will be expanded to include the technologies, systems and equipment for treating, reclaiming and purifying water, controlling, transporting and <link _top>removing gases and fumes, <link _top>analysis, <link _top>measurement and <link _top>control.

Recovery of machining <link _top>scraps
Recovering and <link _top>recycling chips from <link _top>mechanical manufacturing operations is an activity that allows transformers – <link _top>foundries and <link _top>mechanical workshops – to quickly and directly recover and reuse the <link _top>scraps generated during the productive process. In general, this concerns valuable alloy material, which is increasingly ‘precious’ today considering the continuously rising prices for <link _top>raw materials.

Metalriciclo therefore completes its own product with everything that is needed for recovering <link _top>mechanical manufacturing <link _top>scraps: systems for automatic chip management, centrifuges, <link _top>grinders, <link _top>conveyors, <link _top>silos, compactors, driers, systems for managing separated oils, magnetic cleaning systems …

Metalriciclo is also energy efficiency
<link _top>Recycling also means rationalising energy use, as metal recovery means making <link _top>raw material available with substantial <link _top>energy savings. In order to completely and thoroughly address the topic, the third edition of Metalriciclo, which will be held at the Garda Exhibition Centre in Montichiari from April 2 to 4 2009, will broaden its scope through its presentation of an energy efficiency area.

‘We continue to play ahead of the game - declares Mario Conserva, the Managing Director of Edimet – and for the 2009 edition, we are including the topic of energy efficiency from the metal industry point of view; attention is therefore placed on technologies for producing energy suitable for metallurgic processes and their most rational and effective use to make production competitive. This topic is of enormous interest for our system, our role is to look toward the future and it gives us great satisfaction to be, once again, the forerunner for new directions’.