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Monometer Copper and Tin Recovery and Refining Rotary Furnaces

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“Monometer offers tin smelting rotary furnaces particularly aimed at medium to large recycling companies that might not have previously considered reclaiming in-house and selling on tin ingot from their own dusty drosses and similar high oxide materials. Such material is typically either bought in and sold on or it is generated on site from separating processes and sold on for the value attached to it’s potential tin bearing content. In consideration for the economical attractions of in-house reclamation, Monometer has developed a range of tin smelting furnaces with dross capacity from approximately 300kg to 20 tonnes. These furnaces offer a fast and efficient smelting process, and in addition to the primary smelting operation can be operated with fluxing techniques to purify the tin.

The smaller furnaces are suited to the quantities of tin dusts typically generated in-house, being simple to handle, while offering typically in excess of 95% yield in 30 to 40 minutes for a 300 kg charge of material such as the type illustrated in the accompanying image. These furnaces can be used continuously for several charges to save heat and attain a higher daily production, while minimising slag generation. The process is economical, running at under 20 litres fuel oil per hour with a turnaround of under 45 minutes for a 300 kg charge. Larger furnaces are suited to foundries specialising in the smelting of drosses and similar materials.
Monometer’s copper refining rotary furnaces offer the highest possible purity refining of any fire refining technology, achieving up to 99.9% purity from scraps such as Birch/Cliff. Cycle times are typically under 5 hours for a 5 tonne charge. These furnaces are popular as the primary converter in foundries specialising in the production of higher purity copper products from less costly scrap materials.”

The bucket of tin dust oxide which is the charge material

    The tin ingot just poured into the mould