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MorganMMS Customers at GIFA Focus on New Crucible’s Performance

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GIFA 2011 visitors at the MorganMMS booth learn about the company's newest crucible, the Z2 Syncarb, a high-temperature crucible offering superior service life in challenging applications.

The strong attendance by metal casters at GIFA 2011 signals continued growth in demand for foundry and die casting equipment and supplies, such as crucibles, predicts Morgan Molten Metal Systems (MorganMMS), a leading international manufacturer of crucibles and ceramic products for non-ferrous metal industries.

"We were pleased with both the number of visitors to our booth and with their purchasing plans," noted Mark Lamoureaux, Vice President of Marketing. "Many arrived with shopping lists in hand that included orders for crucibles, degassing rotors and other foundry products."

"The high level of interest shown in our new Z2 Syncarb crucible made it particularly clear that customers were looking for products offering superior performance in applications where the Z2 excels," he said.

Lamoureaux explained that MorganMMS uses a proprietary processing technology in manufacturing the Z2 Syncarb that results in a crucible that has a very ho­mogenous and high density structure.

"It provides exceptional chemical and oxidation resistance, high refractoriness and thermal shock resistance and has excellent thermal conductivity," he said. "Also, its inherent mechanical strength allows us to produce much larger crucibles."

"The Z2 has proven to be highly successful in melting copper and copper alloys, in induction furnace applications and in zinc distillation operations.  Customers are telling us that the Z2 Syncarb crucible provides significantly longer service life than products they had used previously for these applications," Lamoureaux said.

The MorganMMS booth at GIFA and new Z2 Syncarb crucible are featured on the company's YouTube channel accessible via MorganMMS' website:  <link http:>

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