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MorganMMS Introduces Clay Graphite Liner for Ductile Iron Pipe Industry

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MorganMMS India (MCIL/DCCL) has developed a new transfer liner made of extruded clay graphite material and designed specifically to add an unmatched level of consistency and longer service life for casting operations. Formed into shape in specialized moulds for dimensional accuracy, the new liner is used to transfer molten metal during the ductile iron and cast iron centrifugal casting process, primarily for the manufacture of ductile iron piping.

Proven benefits include:

  • Consistently high performance         
  • Non wetting of the molten metal                       
  • No metal inclusion, hence less rejection
  • Less erosion - longer life
  • High mechanical strength

Foundry Environment

During melting, rapid contamination in specific areas where the metal makes contact with the liner often leads to shorter operational life due mostly to erosion. This erosion can alter the flow of molten metal and result in serious quality issues. The life of a liner in these operations typically depends on flow rate and pipe diameter.

To confirm its new liner’s capabilities, DCCL initially tested the product on site at India’s leading ductile iron pipe manufacturing facility. Feedback was extremely positive, with the customer very happy with the liner’s performance. With a variety of diameter size pipes being produced by casting customers, MorganMMS India is now manufacturing multiple liner sizes - three different size liners at its MCIL facility, and four types at its DCCL plant. Both operations are well known and highly respected in the Indian marketplace.

Proven Performance

The new liner has been recognized throughout the MorganMMS Pan-Indian customer base as a dramatic improvement over comparable products available today, which now allows MorganMMS to begin exploring a global market introduction. The success of the new liner presents MorganMMS with a tremendous opportunity to more actively penetrate the ferrous marketplace in India and elsewhere.