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MorganMMS Signs Exclusive Agreement with Molten Metal Products for Global Furnace Production

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MMMS will share manufacturing technology for worldwide furnace sales

Morgan Molten Metal Systems (MMMS), the world’s leading designer and producer of crucibles for the non-ferrous metals industry, has signed an exclusive license agreement to have Molten Metal Products Limited (MMPL) manufacture MorganMMS furnaces. With the exception of South America and India, the new furnaces, designed by MorganMMS, will be marketed globally by both companies.

Under the agreement, MMPL is authorized to manufacture and sell the furnaces in accordance with the unique specifications, technical knowledge and quality standards provided by MorganMMS. MorganMMS has a separate private license agreement in India, and manufactures its own furnaces in Brazil for the South American market.

With a strict focus on furnace production, Molten Metal Products was established by former employees of MorganMMS after MMMS closed its Norton, Worcester manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom. According to terms of the agreement, the sales and customer service staff of MorganMMS will continue to identify global opportunities in an effort to help promote increased MMP sales of the MorganMMS-designed furnaces .