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NISSAN MOTOR CANTABRIA: the road to ultra-competitiveness goes through Magaldi

In July 2020, the Japanese Nissan Motor Corporation launched the "Ultra Competitiveness 2020-2023" plan which sets 3 challenging goals:

- to improve the performance of the group's manufacturing plants;

- to promote technological modernization;

- to increase business volume.


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About 40% of the total funds have been allocated to the Los Corrales de Buelna foundry, in Spain. The foundry produces gray and nodular iron castings for the automotive, industrial and agricultural vehicle industry.
In May 2021, the management of Nissan Motor Cantabria awarded Magaldi a turnkey order for the supply, erection and commissioning of two Superbelt® conveyors, serving the new DISA vertical molding line, which is expected to be fully operational by mid-2022.
The first Superbelt® will be fed by a rotating drum and will convey the castings to the shot blasting machine placed 5 meters high. The conveyor is equipped with lateral skirtboards and two ultrasonic sensors to detect any castings jamming.
Installed downstream the shot blasting machine, the second Superbelt® conveyor will transport sprues, runner and gates to the scrap collecting bay. The first section of the conveyor, about 20 meters long, is horizontal and the belt has been designed with reversed sidewalls to allow operators, located on both sides, to sort and degate the castings in a safe and ergonomic way. The castings will be collected into lateral boxes while the sprues, runners and gates will be transported directly to the scrap collecting area.