O.M.LER srl: new decoring machine DCB18

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As Foundry Planet readers certainly remember last month, we posted an interesting press release about the mechanical Italian company O.M.LER srl and its foundry decoring solutions. We wrote about how, in partnership with its qualified distributors and agents’ network, the company sells its pneumatic decoring hammers RVC70 and AF1470 globally and about other decoring solutions O.M.LER srl can offer to its clients.

O.M.LER srl designs and manufactures in fact decoring units, like decoring benches that are manufactured according to customer’s needs, and like the new and innovative decoring machine DCB18.

The decoring machine DCB18 has been developed to respond the customers’ and market’s requests that needed a new foundry equipment. Let’s discover now in details O.M.LER’s DCB18 decoring machine!
The DCB18, for which a patent is pending, enables the simultaneous removal of sand cores from various cast iron, aluminium and steel castings. Each casting can weigh up to 70 kg, including sand.
Each decoring machine DCB18 can process from 2 up to 4 castings at the same time using at least a couple of pneumatic decoring hammers for every casting.

The housings where the castings are clamped can be designed and manufactured according to the casting dimensions. A particular and unique feature of O.M.LER’s decoring machine DCB18 is that it allows a rotation movement up to 360 degrees in both rotation directions, without breaking the pneumatic decoring hammers work. Obviously, all O.M.LER’s decoring hammer models can be fastened to the machine structure.

For safety reasons, the DCB18 is mounted into a certified soundproof cabin in accordance with the European regulations EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and UNI EN ISO 11690-1.

Inside the soundproof cabin a hopper to collect the sand removed from the castings or a conveyor belt to bring it outside the cabin can be placed.

Loading and unloading of the castings can be manual or automatical using a robot outside the soundproof cabin.

Thanks to its structure, the DCB18 decoring machine is the right equipment to process large batches of castings.


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